Dim Mak Interview

Dim Mak Interview

By: Benjie Stewart




Brutality has force, and Dim Mak crushes all before them. Dim Mak is one of the most technical sounding death metal bands of all time. Metal Mayhem Underground had the honor of speaking with main cat Shaune Kelly to see what he’s been up to.



Metal Mayhem Underground: "So, what has Shaune been up to?"


Shaune: "Hailz Metal Mayhem Underground. Well, I've been real busy with the new Flesh Consumed and starting to get into the new Dim Mak record. It looks like the Flesh Consumed will be out sometime this year if all goes as planned and an early 2015 release for the new Dim Mak album.”


MMU: "How did Ripping Corpse start out and why did the band break up? The scene was way different back then, I can imagine"


Shaune: “I started Ripping Corpse just out of the love for more sick and extreme metal. I was listening to all the early stuff like Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Ozzy, Dio, etc. but liked when they played faster and more aggressively. Then the thrash and speed metal kicked on with Slayer, Anthrax, Metallica, Destruction, and Kreator, and I knew I wanted to go the route to faster and more heavy and sick music. We broke up for various reasons. Basically, death metal was dying around that time and no one wanted to sign anyone. We all went through some miserable times and a shady record deal that just made us call it a day."


MMU: "So, after Ripping Corpse you formed Dim Mak? Or was there some in between bands you were involved in?"


Shaune: "No, we have been doing Dim Mak for the past 15 years. We have four albums out now and working on another. It started out with all the original Ripping Corpse members, so it was just a name change and we changed topics a tad, into more combative and violent areas. I was offered the guitar spot in Flesh Consumed so I jumped at it as they’re one of my favorite new bands. Made sense."


MMU: "Is the metal scene better today or is it worse?"


Shaune: "I would say it’s a tie or a little worse because there is more garbage in the way but it was always like that. You had to seek out the good shit. I don't find the scene to be all that great in the U.S. for death metal. It’s better overseas."


MMU: "You played on a Hate Eternal album- would you ever play with Hate Eternal again? Fury & Flames was a mammoth of an album with you and Alex Webster (Cannibal Corpse) being a part of that recording."


Shaune: "Ahh thanks! No, I played with Hate Eternal for four years or so and did five tours with them. It ran its course. It was a great opportunity and I'm very thankful Mr. Rutan hooked me up."


MMU: "What does death metal mean to you?"


Shaune: "Death metal to me means abusive, angry, evil metal played more extreme or as extreme as possible while maintaining some of the classic elements that keep some type of antiquity."


MMU: "Are there any bands you would want to do a tour with? Will Dim Mak be touring for the new album?"


Shaune: "It’s hard to say with the small labels we’re on. I would love to tour with Hate Eternal, Suffocation, Aeon, Soreption, etc. There many bands I would love to play with but it doesn't really work out like that. You get offers and you take them or you leave them. These days you don’t get a ton of good offers. I have gotten a few though. We will have to see once the records are released."


MMU: "What is on your playlist?"


Shaune: "Centurian- Contra Rationem,  Suffocation- Pinnacle of Bedlam, Chaos Inception- The Abrogation, Gore Elohim- Electric Lucifer, Soreption- Engineering the Void, and I Chaos- The Human Repellent to name a few new things, then it’s mostly old stuff."


MMU: "What is your opinion on the following: God, Babymetal, Blake Judd, Power Metal, Morbid Angel?"


Shaune: "Well some older power metal doesn't bother me too much and old Morbid Angel still kicks ass but otherwise I see a huge stinking pile of shit there. Babymetal is an insult to Metal and that new Morbid Angel wasn't far behind [laughs]. I don't know much about Blake Judd, but God gives head in heaven."


MMU: "Thanks for the interview, any final words?"


Shaune: “Thanks for the interview and be ready for some sick new material real soon. I’ll keep everyone posted. Stay sick!” ∆