Bloodsoaked Interview

Bloodsoaked Interview

By: Benjie Stewart



Bloodsoaked is no stranger to the underground metal scene. This one man death metal machine has been putting out albums and touring for years, bringing that old school style of death metal to the masses. Metal Mayhem Underground talks with Peter about his dedication to the metal scene and whole lot more.



Metal Mayhem Underground: "How did Bloodsoaked come about, what are the origins of the band?"


Peter: "I started Bloodsoaked in 2005 after closing down Bloodsoaked Promotions and Bloodsoaked Records. I had played in thrash band Deslok, back in 1988-89 and always wanted to do a death metal band. So in 2005 I bought some new equipment, got a practice space and started looking for members. Nothing was working out so I just decided to do a studio only project and self-released the first album "Brutally Butchered". After that things steam rolled into playing shows and more albums and so on, it's been crazy."


MMU: "Would you ever get more members?"


Peter: "I added a second guitarist/vocalist a little over 2 years ago and he recently went his way to focus on his own band. It was great having him in the band and really added to the live shows but now I'm going to focus on being a one-man band again and see how it feels."


MMU: "What does death metal mean to you?"


Peter: "Death metal is meant to be underground. Making little to no money, losing money, traveling hours and hours to play to 10 people and then doing it all over again. If you keep at it, there is a great pride that this crazy music I created is being listened to by people all over the world. When I travel and play shows on the other side of the world and fans are singing along to my songs it is crazy and it's still underground and death metal. It was never meant to be popular, it never has been and it never will be and that's fine by me."


MMU: "Bloodsoaked is very ‘anti-god’, but what do the lyrics mean to you? Where are you getting all this from?"


Peter: "Religion will always exist and in some aspect I think religion is good. If people took all the good things about religion and actually followed them I believe the world would be a better place for it. But too many wars have been started due to religion, people put too much emphasis on prayer and don't do enough for themselves. People can sin all week, go to confession on Sunday and all is good. That is not religion. It's bullshit."


MMU: "Do you have any crazy tour stories?"


Peter: "Nothing too crazy I don't think, just people fucking hookers, groupies, acting a fool, getting kicked out of clubs and so on. Mostly just good times [laughs].”


MMU: "What is on your playlist?"


Peter: "The last few Pathology albums, Hate, Pestilence, Purgatory and so much more. I listen to a lot of death metal but when I'm not I listen to tons of top 40 music on the radio, there's tons of catchy songs to hum to."


MMU: "Is the metal scene better today or is it worse?"


Peter: "Metal in general is more popular today and that is a good thing. Metal music is always in a good place I think, it's all about how hard bands push and promote themselves and continue to put out good music."


MMU: "What bands have inspired you?"


Peter: "Deicide, Obituary and Malevolent Creation. All their old (first two albums) is where I still get a lot of my inspiration from. I grew up on the first wave of death metal and it's still in my veins."


MMU: "What do you enjoy eating?"


Peter: "Besides pussy? Almond M&Ms, movie popcorn, steak and cheese subs, and pizza."


MMU: "Thanks for the interview, any final words?"


Peter: "Thank you very much for taking the time to interview me and support Bloodsoaked and more importantly the underground." ∆




Be sure to check out Bloodsoaked's new EP, Religious Apocalypse, to be released on September 2nd.