Wolvhammer Interview

Wolvhammer Interview

By: Benjie Stewart




Wolvhammer hails from Minnesota. I had a very honest talk with guitarist Jeff Wilson on many things from their new album Clawing into Black Sun, and the withering flames of black metal.



Metal Mayhem Underground: “How are things going in Wolvhammer? The album sounds amazing! What was your mindset in creating this album?"


Jeff: "There was no specific mindset going into the record, other than concentrating on a more serious idea and simplifying the concepts that we had already dealt with.  I personally felt that the previous record had a little too much filler, wasn't honed enough, and we needed to trim down the fat. I generally tend to write in a verse/chorus/verse type pattern. I'm not interested in narcissistic songwriting. I'd much prefer to go with my gut, dealing with emotions, as opposed to a much more math/brain oriented thing that a lot of bands do these days. It ends up being a much more cathartic experience instead of just showing off."


MMU: "Who does most of the writing in Wolvhammer?"


Jeff: "I do most of the writing these days. Minus the vocals, this was a record that I've been planning on my own for a while. Andy Schoengrund, who quit to open up his own restaurant in San Francisco in 2012, did about 90% of the writing for, The Obsidian Plains. I wrote "The Sentinels" song and most of the overdubs on that record, specifically. Although, I wasn't around for that record, Ryan McKern did most of the writing for Black Marketeers of World War III from what I know. He now has a sick project with Mike IX of Eyehategod, called, The Guilt Of..."


MMU: "Tell us how Wolvhammer came to be?"


Jeff: "Heath is, and will be the only original member of Wolvhammer. If he decides to bail, this band is done. You would have to get the important details from him."


MMU: "You were in Nachtmystium for a while, what is your view on Blake Judd? It seems he is trying to make up for his wrongs, but people still have very harsh opinions on him."


Jeff: "My opinions on Blake are irrelevant these days. He's said numerous things in private and public about myself. I've kept my mouth shut, unless it's amongst friends. I've got nothing to prove. If I write good records and people agree, that speaks for itself. Point blank, you can't trust that dude. Listen to what I'm playing, it's all been laid out before you. That band isn't a solo project. I'm not going to blow myself or take anything away from Blake, he wrote some decent shit and I helped write and structure a lot of it. If anything, if there's no Chris Black, there's no Nachtmystium. Period."


MMU: "What does black metal mean to you, is there an essence, a withering flame, or something far unknown?"


Jeff: "There isn't much to say, really. Black metal is a joke these days. It means nothing for the most part. The feeling is gone. It's a business to nearly everyone."


MMU: "What is on your playlist?"


Jeff: "Same artists on repeat, always...

The Cure


Nick Cave



Pink Floyd

Christian Death"


MMU: "Do you enjoy reading? What are you reading?"


Jeff: "I'm honestly only interested in biographies and non-fiction. I'll read the occasional Palahniuk book, or the beats, but I'm mostly interested in facts. I've recently read biographies by Iggy Pop, Al Jourgensen, and Keith Richards. Although, Keith's was a bit too long, it was still an enjoyable read. I'm a documentary kind of dude. Unfortunately, between touring, recording, printing and trying to maintain the limited social life that I'm able to have, my time is pretty limited lately."


MMU: "Who did the logo for Wolvhammer?"


Jeff: "Heath is a tattoo artist, so he has a pretty good perspective on the visual side of things. He did the logo and has had the most input as far as the visual aspect of this band."


MMU: "What drives Wolvhammer?"


Jeff: "This is what we do. There's no drive other than that. This is an emotional release, otherwise, we would all eat bullets. Fuck money. Fuck politics. Fuck celebrity. Fuck you."


MMU: "Is the metal scene better today or is it worse?"


Jeff: "The scene is shit today. Everyone is entitled to everything. It's sad that the only way to do things these days is through Facebook. "Likes" are currency and "Clicks" are credibility. 99% of these brats haven't paid their dues like the rest of us have. It's the typical "weekend warrior” shit. I have nothing but respect and appreciation for the very few who still think that what we do deserves respect. The ones who still have no problems coming to shows on a work night. The ones who still buy records, etc. The others? I could care less."


MMU: "Thanks for the interview, any final words?"



Jeff: "Thanks for having interest. We'll see you on tour." ∆