Cannabis Corpse- From Wisdom To Baked Review

Cannabis Corpse- From Wisdom To Baked Review

By: Andrew Gleason, Contributing Writer



Rating: 9.5/10


When Cannabis Corpse released Blunted at Birth in 2006 it forced many listeners of extreme metal music to ask, "Can death metal be funny and actually good?" Fast forward to today, and the band are still answering that question for us with a very audible "Fuck yes!"


From Wisdom To Baked remains true to the band's death metal roots yet the album sees the band continuing to grow. This time around the band appears to have taken all titles from the great Florida band Death. "Baptized in Bud," the album's opening track, hits hard with a thrash-inspired vibe which isn't hard to believe considering the band is a side-project of the crossover act Municipal Waste's Phil Hall. The next track "Zero Weed Tolerance" brings things to a more intricate level with a plethora of brutal riffing and brilliant rhythmic timing.


The album continues to build with songs such as "Individual Pot Patterns" (featuring Chris Barnes) and "Pull The Carb", before the band gets quite technical with "Voice of the Bowl." The album's high point for me is easily the closing track, "Medicinal Healing."  With its dissonant intro and hectic riffs the band provides the musical backdrop for singer Phil Hall to challenge the notion that marijuana is detrimental to one's health. The song provides a slightly more serious voice for the band and the structure of the song just screams honest death metal.  



Overall, From Wisdom To Baked is Cannabis Corpse's best effort so far. The lyrics may strip away some of the more profound aspects of death metal as well as some of the tongue-in-cheek gore, yet they set the stage for an enjoyable and fun death metal experience. The band shines on this release with great production, great song structures, and brutal guitar driven death metal.