Boris- Noise Review

Boris- Noise Review

By: Benjie Stewart



Rating: 10/10


Holy donkey balls! What am I hearing? Have Boris reached their plateau? Yes, I think they have. DAMN! What a great album.


Noise is Boris's nineteenth album. They have a lot in their catalog to behold, but this release has grabbed my attention the most. Noise is so melodic and full of psychedelic jams. There are many powerful songs here. From the solos, to the slick bass, to the soothing vocals, this three-piece take their music to a whole other level. I just love when a band can reinvent themselves. It is a wonderful thing to see and hear. The album art fits the music like a foggy dream lost out of time. Where do I begin and how to put into words this great album? The song "Angel" is over 18 minutes long and may be Boris’ best song ever to be recorded. There is "Heavy Rain", which is such a doom metal wave of fuzz and distortion. Then there are other tracks that will trip you out, like, "Vanilla" and "(Melody)" This album is EPIC! There are some pop undertones within some songs on Noise that blend like a milkshake with the Floyd-ish wall of sound atmospheres. These songs leave the album room to breathe, and nothing is overdone or out of place on the album. Everything fits perfectly and beautifully like a butterfly finding its wings.



From shoegaze to sludgy stoner rock, from crust punk to grindcore, from the epic and monstrous doom to drone, Boris have done it all. Noise is just another great book of beauty in their musical testimonial journey. Two thumbs up. Now go get this and listen with headphones!