Wolves In The Throne Room- Celestite Review

Wolves In The Throne Room- Celestite Review

By: DJ Blackmoon



Rating: 9/10


The new Wolves In The Throne Room album, Celestite, a “sequel” to their previous release, Celestial Lineage, has finally been released, and upon hearing it for the first time, it has instantly made its way into my top five albums of 2014.


There isn’t much to be said about this album, it is really one that you must hear for yourself. If you are unaware, this album is entirely instrumental. Many people, when hearing news of this, were skeptical. Being a fan of all of WITTR’s previous work, I was not. It is just as atmospheric, thoughtful, dark, and beautiful as all of their other releases. There are many layers to this album, and much to keep the listener entertained that passively seeks their attention, while at the same time allows the listener to lose themselves and become entranced in it. This album captures the true essence of black metal. It is a dark, cold, and spacy landscape set to music, and it feels very open and free. There is an equal balance between darker and more sinister synth sounds, and floating lighter parts. Sometimes there is a clear pulse, most of the time there is not, and a slight use of distinct melody exists to really create a powerful and awe inspired feeling. The flute parts and synth strings add a beauty that is necessary for illustrating the perfect mood of this album. Some parts of Celestite are reminiscent of Pink Floyd, influenced by their legendary way of creating an atmosphere. What you see on the beautiful album cover is exactly what you hear. As with all WITTR’s music, but especially Two Hunters, this album is very nature based. When reviewing this year’s albums, the other album that was released this year that is easily comparable to this one because of its instrumental and atmospheric nature, is Burzum’s The Ways of Yore, and Celestite engulfs Varg’s latest release entirely.



Wolves In The Throne Room’s Celestite is a beautiful album, a perfect tie-in with their earlier albums, and a hypnotizing masterpiece that I will enjoy getting lost within for a long time to come.