Siaskel- Jatenentolpen Thejin Review

Siaskel- Jatenentolpen Thejin Review

By: DJ Blackmoon



Rating: 5/10



Bringing the black/death metal from Finland, Siaskel recently released their first full length, Jatenentolpen Thejin,and though parts of it stand out, overall, it’s pretty bland.


The best thing about this album is the guitar work. There are some very good riffs present here, and they are catchy. Unfortunately though, it has a muddy production and isn’t very clear or precise, a negative trend that seems to weasel its way into most recent black/death metal releases. As I said though, there are some really cool riffs, like those present on “Howens” and “Habishi”. The bass is pretty much inaudible, but that is to be expected. The drum work is solid, even if it isn’t original, and the tone again is either muddy, or not very tightly executed. The vocal work is equally generic. They are performed in more of a guttural yell style, very similar to Behemoth, but not quite as well defined. There are a few lines that are screamed instead of yelled however, and those are much better. The song writing is not bad at all. This album is absolutely relentless. The best example of that I heard, was present in “Shenu O’oke Shalu”. There are portions where it is intense and constant, and other parts where that is attempted, but simply comes across as a sloppy mess. The production is what really kills it. As mentioned, the word is “muddy”, and there seems to be a lack of balance. As far as the album art is concerned, it matches the music. Boring, generic, and says nothing, though the logo is neat. The album wasn’t enjoyable, and was a pain to get through. I did not want to finish it.



With a few good riffs, and relentless intensity, its generic black/death metal, and it does not bring anything new to the table.