Maggot Colony Interview

Maggot Colony Interview

By: Benjie Stewart



Hailing from Taiwan is Maggot Colony, a new brutal death metal band to hit the scene with a force not heard in a very long time. Metal Mayhem Underground talks to guitarist Jacob Ning, who gives us the rundown.



Metal Mayhem Underground: “Maggot Colony are a new band on the brutal death metal scene, how did Maggot Colony begin to infest?”


Jacob: “Vocalist Aiden and I formed this band in 2012, and we started to write songs for our debut album, but then we decided to release a two song promo through Inherited Suffering Records first. In 2014, our drummer Kane joined in, and in May 2014, the debut album Perpetuating The Viral Infestation was released by Inherited Suffering Records.”


MMU: “How is the response to the new album thus far?”


Jacob: “As with other brutal death metal albums, responses are varied. But we are just focusing on making music that we all love. Everyone has their own opinion toward different music, and we respect different opinions and always consider it as good way to improve ourselves.”


MMU: “Have you done any shows or tours in the United States? If not, who would you like to do a tour with?”


Jacob: “None yet, but we plan to have a mini tour in the states next year. We would like to tour with some awesome bands like Cerebral Incubation, Splattered, Coprocephalic and Parasitic Ejaculation.”


MMU: “Are there any bands you guys look up to?”


Jacob: “Dying Fetus, Aborted, Condemned, Vomitous and Infernal Revulsion.”


MMU: “Do you think the metal scene today as a whole, is better or worse?”


Jacob: “I think the metal scene nowadays is not bad. As the internet develops, different music from all around the world becomes way easier to promote and spread out to other countries. And I think metal heads and artists are more eager to listen to some other and foreign metal bands, which makes them grow a unique and good taste in metal music.”


MMU: “Are there any other brutal death metal bands hailing from Taiwan?”


Jacob: “Coprocephalic, Gorepot and Guttural Corpora Cavernosa.”


MMU: “What inspires Maggot Colony to write such brutal music?”


Jacob: “Some awesome death metal/slam bands like Abominable Putridity, Short Bus Pile Up, Devourment, Dying Fetus, Aborted and Mortician. Some horror/sci-fi films and weed of course.”


MMU: “Who does your artwork and who designed your logo?”


Jacob: “Mottla Brutal Art did our album cover and Brutal Disorder Logo designed our logo.”


MMU: “Have you done any covers?”


Jacob: “Not yet… and we probably won’t.”


MMU: “What is next for Maggot Colony?”


Jacob: “We are currently writing our next EP/album, and planning to have some gigs in Southeast Asia this year and U.S. next year.” ∆




Be sure to catch Maggot Colony on tour if you are from or in Southeast Asia visiting, and everyone here in the states...check these guys out when they hit the US!