Vader- Tibi et Igni Review

Vader- Tibi et Igni Review

By: Benjie Stewart



Rating: 4/10



The tenth Vader album has arrived, and boy does it fucking suck! One would think after such a kick in the ass that was 2011's Welcome to the Morbid Reich there would be something here worthy of crushing, fucking VADER!!! All I hear is back peddling, but in the wrong way. Yes, there are some nice old school riffs, but too much Slayer-ish wanking off that can just destroy a song's momentum. It also doesn't help when the line-up changes. Some bands can adapt, some bands suffer from the change. Again, why is Vader's music not as top notch as it could be? The artwork of the album is plain stupid and for a band that put out such classics like 1995's De Profundis and the artwork from that masterpiece…  Tibi et Igni shows that Vader is clearly not the same brutal band that brought something to the world of extreme music that it had never heard or seen. The only track on here I could really get into was "Worms Of Eden"; there are a few good riffs in the last song on the album, "The End", but that is all I could find- very sad. I was really expecting more from Vader, a classic band with a great powerful discography. If you are new to Vader's creations, please for the love of the devil do not start here. Start with De Profundis then go to 2004's The Beast, then hit up the very first album The Ultimate Incantation for the retro aspect of their catalog, then discover the darker worlds of Vader with albums Impressions in Blood and 2009's Necropolis, then dive head fucking first with their ninth album and my personal favorite since De Profundis, the opus Welcome to the Morbid Reich! I hope Vader can get back on the wagon. Some fans may not think they've fallen off the wagon, but I have seen and heard what the great unstoppable Vader are capable of doing in a studio. Hopefully next time they bring it, shut me up and knock me on my fat ass.

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