Lust of Decay Interview

Lust of Decay Interview

By: Benjie Stewart




Since 2000, Lust Of Decay have been bringing their rotting style of brutal death metal from North Carolina. They took an extended break for seven years, but now they are back, with a renewed line-up, and they just wrapped up Comatour 2014. Metal Mayhem Underground had a chance to speak with vocalist Jay Barnes about what Lust of Decay have set for the future and beyond.



Metal Mayhem Underground: “Hi Jay, thanks for doing this interview! You’ve been under the weather?”


Jay Barnes: “Yeah, I started feeling sick with about three shows to go, and by the last show my high vocals were useless and I had to do just guttural vocals.”


MMU: “So tell us here at Metal Mayhem Underground, how the hell was the Comatour 2014?!”


Jay: “The Comatour 2014 was an awesome experience. Devangelic and Coathanger Abortion were some of the coolest and nicest people you could want to meet, and they jammed like hell. They’re just all around good people, the shows were great, we saw old friends and made new ones. It was overall a fantastic time, and I can’t wait to hit the road again in July for the New York Death Fest 2, it should be a great time.”


MMU: “This was the first time Lust Of Decay played together in how many years?”


Jay: “It had been seven long years since the last time Lust Of Decay played a show. I think the last show was Central Illinois Metalfest 2007. It had been a while to say the least.”


MMU: “Lust of Decay have reached legendary heights since your inception in 2000. Do you feel the same way about LOD and what you guys have brought to the ever growing scene of extreme music?”


Jay: “I think we put Lust Of Decay on the death metal map for sure, but I will leave the legend answer to the fans, for without them we never could have done any of this. As to what we brought to the scene, it was a "don't give a fuck" attitude when we wrote songs, from spiders in your ass to using lobsters as sex toys, all of our songs are based on true events that we read or saw on the news. All you got to do is open your eyes and ears and you will see the world is full of sick brutality.”


MMU: “Not to get off base here but will there be another Cesspool of Vermin album?” 


Jay: “Yes, there will be a new Cesspool of Vermin album. It is in the beginning stages right now. I am the only original member left, the new crew is Matthew Green on drums and Blake Scott on guitar, and we’re looking for a bassist as we speak. For anybody interested, get in touch with us. The album will be titled ‘Puke On My Cock’.”


MMU: “Great album title!! We wouldn't expect anything less. How did this new Lust of Decay line-up compare to other line-ups of LOD?”


Jay: “Not bashing any former members, but this line-up is the best. There were no egos and everyone was on the same page on the Comatour 2014. Everybody got along like a brotherhood the way it’s supposed to be.”

MMU: “Who has done your artwork and logos over the years?”


Jay: “Steve Green (guitarist/backing vocals) and Brent Williams (drums) came up with the logo design. Steve did all the art work and the new logo was designed by Paul Slagle.”


MMU: “Small world! Me and Paul were in the brutal technical death metal band Thoracopagus from 2004 to 2006. I did vocals and I left the band for the same old personal differences as it goes for in bands. Paul did our logo as well. What bands do you look up to?” 



Thoracopagus logo, designed by Paul Slagle.

Jay: “Bands I look up to range from Deicide, Cannibal Corpse, Death, Lividity, King Diamond, and Sinister to name a few.”


MMU: “Do you think you the metal scene is better now or is it worse?”


Jay: “The metal scene seems to be on the rise again. There were good crowds for our shows all during the week. I was amazed at some of the turnouts but I think the metal scene is growing again.”


MMU: “What is the craziest shit you have ever seen on tour?”


Jay: “Where to begin? [laughs] I have seen a lot of insane stuff at shows. One of my bros was banging a girl in a dumpster while her head was hanging out, puking all over the place. Did a show with Deicide and there was this chick carrying an upside down cross while wearing a strap on dildo, and I watched this crack head woman with her pants around her ankles run out in traffic and get hit. There a lot more, I could go on for days.”


MMU: “I think I remember that at Deicide, at the beginning all the kids went ape shit when they came on, the mosh pit got up almost on stage, knocking the micophone into Glen Benton's mouth [laughs]. He looked so fucking pissed off when that happened, I thought it was the funniest shit ever! Do you have a fave Lust of Decay song?”


Jay: “My favorite Lust Of Decay songs are: ‘Scarifacation Crustacean Masturbation’, ‘Festering Anal Vomit’, and ‘Engorging the Vaginal Cavity’."


MMU: “Who writes the lyrics in Lust of Decay?” 


Jay:  “I write all of the lyrics, but my bandmates do throw me ideas from time to time.”


MMU: “What does the future hold in store for Lust Of Decay? A new album maybe? Remasters? More merch? More touring?”


Jay: “The future of Lust Of Decay is bright. There will be a new album for sure, lots of new merchandise, and hopefully a ton of shows to go with it. I am so ready to begin writing the new album it’s ridiculous and I can’t wait to hit the road again, hopefully with a European tour in the near future.”


MMU: “I want to thank you for the interview Jay. The world of extreme music needs a brutal death metal band like Lust Of Decay to remind these kids where it all is at. I consider you guys the forefathers of the genre. Any final thoughts?”



Jay: “I would like to thank Metal Mayhem Underground for the interview and everybody prepare for the new sickness from Lust Of Decay! I would like to thank everybody that came out for Comatour 2014. We had a blast, and to the fans of brutal death metal, without you we would be nothing. I thank you all, much love and respect. Hope to see you on the road.” ∆






Be watching out for a new Lust of Decay

album, with another tour!