Iron Maiden's Never Changing Set List

Iron Maiden’s Never Changing Set List

By: Benjie Stewart











I am not sure how to open this. I had a huge rant in my head built up and ready to spew forth, but there really is only one band that has gotten on my nerves as far as their set lists go, so here it is.


I have been a fan of Iron Maiden ever since I got into Metal. The bands I was listening to in 1989 were: Def Leppard, Metallica, Guns N' Roses, KISS, AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Poison, and Iron Maiden. This was the beginning of what would shape me into the metal head and fan I am today. This is mainly about the set lists Iron Maiden have been playing, really since the mid-1980s. I have never seen Iron Maiden in a live setting, and I have to really be honest here, if I had the chance I would turn it down because of the SAME OLD BORING, played out set lists Iron Maiden keep on and on and on playing live!!!! Yes, it was great to see them dust off classics such as "Rime", "Moonchild", and "Seventh Son" over the last six years, but even now, those classics are played out, and even "Phantom Of The Opera", one of my favorite Maiden songs is now overplayed to me, and with vocalist Bruce Dickinson talking so much damn rubbish mid-way through it is just fucking annoying, and it ruins the song. I just won't waste money on seeing an Iron Maiden show that could be so much better, and even if the show was free, I wouldn't attend. They've even taken out maybe the greatest Iron Maiden song out of the set list, "Hallowed Be Thy Name". Steve Harris has said that was his favorite Maiden song to play live, and they take it out? But they leave "Can I Play With Madness" in??? It’s a song that should have been killed off in 1988/1989 on the Seventh Son tour, never to be played live again. There has been talk that Iron Maiden may not do another album, and these last few shows is their call, but I call BULLSHIT on that- of course there will be another album! There has to be, but also another shitty tour where they play the three to four new songs and then the same old worn out set list... There might be a few gems that return and "Hallowed Be Thy Name" will be back, but still, the set list will suck and be predictable, at least it will be for me. I guess Iron Maiden are just playing for a new generation of fans that has never seen them live, but this is what you offer them? A part of me doesn't mind that, since over half of these twaty worthless kids don't show any respect and had rather be on their fucking cell phone texting than watching the fucking Iron Maiden show- predictable, worn out, and overplayed set list or not. So I get Dickinson's rubbish rants between and during songs, but please go out with dignity, Iron Maiden!


Here is a set list I put together that I think would be wonderful if they played, and then just stopped forever!



"The Set List Iron Maiden Will Never, Ever Play Live"



Where Eagles Dare

Genghis Khan/Purgatory

Caught Somewhere in Time

The Prophecy

The Fugitive

Flight of Icarus

The Duelists

Blood on the World's Hands

For the Greater Good of God

The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner

Mother Russia

Face in the Sand

The Nomad

Hallowed Be Thy Name






Charlotte the Harlot

Alexander the Great (356 - 323 B.C.)

Iron Maiden