Origin- Omnipresent Review

Origin- Omnipresent Review

By: Benjie Stewart



Rating: 10/10




2014 just keeps pumping out the METAL. Origin got my attention in 2002 with their opus Informis Infinitas Inhumanitas, and after seeing them a few times live, I understood that this was a band that was going to change extreme music as we know it, and they have done just that. Omnipresent, Origin’s sixth album is the best album they have ever made. The inhuman characteristics on this album are unreal. Everything is turned up to the max. The wizard like guitar work of Paul Ryan is off the charts, with some the best guitar playing I have ever heard on a death metal album. The bass playing and backing vocals from Mike Flores along with the crazy fucking blasts and double bass from drum icon John Longstreth is just pure dynamite! This beast would not be complete without the fine job of vocalist Jason Keyser, after making his first appearance on 2011's Entity. I never thought they would be able to top 2008's Antithesis, but they did, and more.  "All Things Dead" starts the ride into void. The lyrics reflect a more serious, reality based album, about evolving, adapting, and the absurd. There are many layers to seek through all the emotions on Omnipresent. This album is an instant classic, one that as with all classics, you find that you go back to over time. This is most apparent in the songs "Absurdity of What I Am" and "Unattainable Zero", featuring the best production I have heard on an Origin album. This album is 110% perfect in every aspect of what a great brutal death metal album should sound like. Yes, quite a lot of praise there, but go listen for yourself! Go listen to all the Origin albums and then compare them all, and this will be number one for a very long time. However, they could top Omnipresent… I am here to say they will.

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