Origin Interview

Origin Interview

By: Benjie Stewart



Origin is back! Their new album Omnipresent came out early this month. Metal Mayhem Underground catches up with bassist Mike Flores before they hit the road to get the latest scoop on how the new album came together.



Metal Mayhem Underground: “Hi Mike! Thank you for wanting to do this interview! How are all things in the Origin multiverse?”


Mike: “Things are going good. Omnipresent was just released a few days ago and so far the reviews and feedback we have gotten about it has been really good. We are gearing up to go out on the Summer Slaughter tour this year. That starts next week and we are looking forward to playing new material live.”


MMU: “The new album Omnipresent came out on July 4th, and from the tracks I have heard this might just be the best thing that Origin has created. How did the new album come to be spawned?”


Mike: “Paul writes most of the music. He starts out with riffs and ideas and tosses them back and forth between John and myself and eventually after we bend it back and forth we end up with a loose idea for the song structures. Once we have the basic form of the song then Jason starts in with vocal patterns and such. Although we have been working with Jason for a few years now, this is the first time we have had the chance to hear his ideas on the creation part of the song writing process. He has great ideas and has definitely been a strong part of the Origin team both on stage and in the studio.”


MMU: “Who writes the lyrics in Origin?”


Mike: “This time around Jason wrote most of the lyrics. Paul had a hand in some as well. We all try to throw ideas out there but in the end Jason did most of it. He did a great job writing new ideas down and making them work with the songs. He didn't stray too far from the concepts Origin has dealt with before without simply rewriting the same song over and over again. He definitely had a plan for the lyrics to make it almost a concept album.”


MMU: “Who did the artwork for Omnipresent?”


Mike: “Colin Marks did the artwork and layout for Omnipresent. He did the artwork for Entity as well and we were really happy with it. He was really easy to work with. I believe Jason was in contact with him and gave him loose ideas as to what we were looking for this time around.”


MMU: “Is it true that vocalist Jason Keyser broke his finger while in the process of doing a gig and still had the balls to keep performing?”



Mike: “Yes it is. Well, I think his finger was dislocated during the course of stage diving in Illinois. Once he got back on stage he asked if there was a doctor in the house and then just grabbed his own finger and reset it. This was all while we were playing a song . We never stopped and surprisingly, neither did he. I don't think he missed a beat. I've never seen anything like it.” 

MMU: “What is the craziest shit you have ever seen while on tour?”


Mike: “I guess the first thing that comes to mind is seeing a guy in a wheelchair crowd surf while we were playing at Stonehenge Fest in Europe. You don't see that every day. We've dug tour busses out of the snow, seen PA’s catch fire, chicken fight mosh pits, zombie wall of death. One time John played the set in a Santa suit he found at a venue. Ever see Santa blast?”


MMU: “Has the metal scene gotten better or worse over the years?”


Mike: “It seems like it’s still going strong. It's definitely more crowded but that's not necessarily a bad thing. That just shows that the scene is thriving. It seems like death metal has more categories now. If there are things you like about death metal I'm sure there is a band out there that is catered to your taste.”


MMU: “Do you keep in contact with ex-vocalist James Lee and ex-guitarist Jeremy Turner?”


Mike: “Yeah. I see Jeremy more than James because we live in the same city and he plays bass for Unmerciful now with Clint Applehanz and James King. James still lives in Minnesota so that kind of puts a hamper on things, but we still communicate here and there. There are no hard feelings.”


MMU: “What were the reasons that drummer John Longstreth left the band in 2003, but then returned in 2006?”


Mike: “Origin was not as active at that particular point in time and he wanted to stay busy so he started working with Skinless. They were touring a lot and needed a drummer. Origin and Skinless had toured a lot together and things just worked out that John drummed for them for a while. We started working with James King and Clint Applehanz and the Eco's line up was born. Then once Unmerciful was up and running it became more difficult to focus on one project. Eventually James and Clint decided to continue on with Unmerciful and at that point John contacted us about drumming for Origin again. We were all at a different place in our lives at that point and things seemed to click just like they had before. We all work well together and can have a good time playing music together.”


MMU: “Has Origin ever done any covers of other bands?”


Mike: “Yes. We covered "Flattening of Emotions" by Death as a bonus track on the Japanese copy of Informas. And now we are doing a S.O.D. cover "Kill Yourself" on Omnipresent. It seemed to flow well with the material we had for the album and is a great song.” 


MMU: “Do you guys ever get confused with the band Orgy?”


Mike: “Hmmm no. I don't think that has ever happened. Maybe I'll try saying that next time I go through customs in some foreign country.”


MMU: “The 8th annual Summer Slaughter is coming up, what are you most looking forward to this fest?”


Mike: “We know a lot of the people on this tour and have toured with or played shows with almost every band on the bill. We have a lot of close friends and it will be great to see and hang out with them. That's probably the best part- seeing friends you don't get to see normally. Basically we just cross paths with them for a day or two. It will be really nice to actually do a full tour with everyone.”


MMU: “Are there any bands you would love to do a tour with?


Mike: “I would love to tour with Putrid Pile, Gorgasm, or Disgorge (US). Those bands and people are really easy going and have killer tunes. Hopefully we will get the chance to get something together, if not all at once at least one at a time.”


MMU: “Thank you so much for the interview! Any final thoughts?”



Mike: “We are looking forward to seeing everyone on tour! Thanks for the support! Hail Space!” ∆




Check out Origin’s new album, Omnipresent, and catch them on upcoming tours!