Hour of Penance- Regicide Review

Hour of Penance- Regicide Review

By: Benjie Stewart



Rating: 10/10


"The sons of the harbinger gods

Bred to know, not revere, nor submit

Through the dust they will shine with a sparkle of light

To rip the leash of flesh" ~Reforging the Crowns


Hour Of Penance are back with a raging new album, their sixth, Regicide. It is a dark spiritual force to be reckoned with.


Drummer James Payne is the highlight of the album here. His blasts are deadly. I could listen to his drum work all day and night. This is not taking anything away from the other cats, the production of the album helps the drum sound. Guitarist Giulio Moschini and vocalist/guitarist Paolo Pieri are right in Lucifer's pocket. The pounding of the bass from Marco Mastrobuono makes the record flow very nicely. The same themes are here- the hatred for all things Christian. They are their strongest on Regicide. Things start to really pick up with "Sealed into Ecstasy", the lyrics dealing with Christ and what it would be like if he was who he said he was. There is a maturity I hear listening to this album. There is an underlining message in this album and to me it is saying, "You better take note people, Hour Of Penance mean business." There are plenty of blasts, but there is some slamming grooves as well, along with the melodic overtones. It is a fury unleashing demons upon the wretched flesh of the weak. This is a smart album with crushing balance, blistering riffs that “chug-chug-chug”, and the double bass work of Payne… holy fucking dead angel! I dare say this is the band’s best album. It is a brutal death metal masterpiece, some of the best to come out of Italy. You could say they are the forefathers of Italian brutal death metal. I was very content with 2012's Sedition, but I think they have topped it with Regicide. It is an album that will go down in history as an album to look up to by all the young talent coming up from the grave. The cover art is demonic and sick, and with it being the best from Hour Of Penance, surely you wouldn’t think they’d slip up there! The best track on the album is what brings the album to a close, "Theogony".



And there you have it, another contender for Metal album of 2014.