Cranial Defecation Interview

Cranial Defecation Interview

By: Benjie Stewart



Cranial Defecation is an up and coming unsigned brutal death metal band based out of Tucson, Arizona. Metal Mayhem Underground talks with drummer Jason McLean about a host of topics including pizza crust.



MMU: “Thanks for doing the interview! So how did Cranial Defecation get their name and how long have you been a band?”


Jason: “Ok to the first question, me and my guitarist started out as a two man band and wanted to play brutal death metal, but three years ago we were once called "The Entails Of Eden" but we broke up due to lack of members and personality conflicts and everything just fell about. Recently, I got in contact with Phil, my guitarist and we talked about starting up the band around 2013, and at that point in time we were hell bent on showing the metal scene what we truly can do. Before-hand we were just trying to establish our sound and wanted to be a band. Phil and I were tossing around ideas and Cranial Defecation just popped up. We have been a band for about a year or so.”


MMU: “Jason, you are the drummer of the band- how long have you played the drums and who do you look up to as far as drummers go?”


Jason: “My main influences are Mike Smith (ex-drummer) of Suffocation. To me he will always be the drummer of Suffocation, and Vitek of Decapitated (RIP) and Derek Roddy (Hate Eternal, Today Is The Day, Nile). I have other drummers in mind.”


MMU: “I hear some crust in your sound.”


Jason: “Crust? [laughs] My phone recording you heard was really bad, but we stole the show.”


MMU: “Oh, so pizza crust. Pizza crust brutality. Pizza always steals the show, good or bad. I get what you are saying. How many gigs have you played?”


Jason: “As far as gigs, we've played one fest. We had the honor of sharing the stage with Necrambulant, Exhumer, Corpsefucking Art, Amputated Genitals, Oppresser God and Genocaust. But many more shows are on the horizon.”


MMU: “Do you guys have any recordings in the works?”


Jason: “We are currently working on better recordings, just based on money and time. We are working toward a couple more songs. Our set list is kind of short; total we have about five songs, but once we have a full set we are working toward an EP and possibly a full-length. We have improved over the short time we have been a band.”


MMU: “Is the metal scene better now or is it worse?” 


Jason: “The metal scene to me has gotten much smaller. People these days go for looks and what sells honestly. The music industry as a whole has become all about money and what sells better instead of real talent, and they choose people that, once they taste the fame they forget a lot of things such as modesty and who they were before, and they just have this elitist perspective in music. They make it all about the money instead of passion, drive and love for the people. I think if music industries put more of these people in their place to let them have opportunities to get out there, people will see and grasp the true meaning of what this music really is.”


MMU: “Have you ever defecated on someone?”


Jason: “[laughs] Defecated? It’s crossed my mind! Nah, just playing.”


MMU: “What did the cock say to the doodle doo?”


Jason: “Cock-a-doodle-do? [laughs]”


MMU: “Thanks for the interview and good luck! Any final words?”


Jason: “Music is a business and you have to work to be successful at it.” ∆




Check out Cranial Defecation of Facebook HERE, see them live if you get the chance, and be watching out for studio recordings in the future!