Auroch- Taman Shud Review

Auroch- Taman Shud Review

By: Benjie Stewart



Rating: 10/10



Hailing from Canada is Auroch. Wikipedia states that an Auroch is the ancestor of domestic cattle. I am not sure what to make of their second album Taman Shud, but I know I like it, as it is wrapping it’s rotting hands around me. There are some old bones here that are at play. The drum work of Zack Chandler is fierce and maniacal. The guitar work and the vocals from Sebastian Montesi are dead on the attack, and like a piece of liver it keeps living, begging to be eaten whole in one mouthful. There is something that smells here with this young fine quartet, because just as I'm about to be driven insane, bassist/vocalist Shawn Hache takes a hot shit on my chest with his relentless skills. I am a fucking mess under all this weight of blackened grind death. I am in a field of war fighting for my life, but I am fighting for every one’s damn life. This is right as the song "Voice of Gemini" takes its toll. “The tools can't fix what is broken” they keep saying over and over and over again. THE TOOLS CAN'T FIX WHAT IS BROKEN!!!! There is something new here blasting my face off, that scent I know from early 90’s grind when Brutal Truth and the like wrote the book on extreme music. There is a violent progression at hand. It twists and turns and throws me from one side to the next, as it is asking me what I thought metal was? It is reminding me where metal came from. It never lets up as the screams of fucking agony portray the destruction of everything it destroys and leaves behind. The ancient is a dirty place of plague and riddled with terror and hate. At this point the ninth and final song on the album has arrived, "The Balkan Affair", and it is all I can do to not eat my own vomit and Hache's cold dried shit off my chest. Then I wake from the nightmare. The album ends at 25:40 leaving me with thoughts of mass murder and world decay.

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