Auroch Interview

Auroch Interview

By: Benjie Stewart



There is something sinister lurking inside the music bin, and inside that music bin is the blackened death metal trio, Auroch. Metal Mayhem Underground caught up with guitarist and vocalist Sebastian Montesi to see what all the madness is about. 



Metal Mayhem Underground: “Hey Sebastian! Thanks for wanting to do an interview! How did Auroch come to together and who came up with the name "Auroch"?”


Sebastian: “Thanks for the offer. Our old drummer came up with the name initially, but it has since blossomed to have more meaning than initially intended. As I've gone in to this answer in previous interviews, I'll save everyone a less thorough repeat of what I have said before.”


MMU: “Is the metal scene in Canada getting bigger or smaller?” 


Sebastian: “The support here is tremendous, and there seems to be a new festival, or exceptional band popping up every few months. Phobocosm and Sabbatory are two new bands everyone who likes real RAW death metal should check out.”



MMU: “I hear some Cryptopsy in your music, are you big fans?” 


Sebastian: “Of course. Especially of None So Vile, Blasphemy Made Flesh, and Once Was Not. Not tremendously interested in their output that does not involve Lord Worm, but a fantastic band all the same.”


MMU: “What are the lyrics based on? Who does the writing for those?” 


Sebastian: “I write all of the lyrics (or rather, have written all of the lyrics to date). I do my measly best to pay homage to the spirit of the strong; those extol the heart of He who is possessed by fire.”



MMU: “Who does your artwork and who designed your logo?” 


Sebastian: “For this album, we left all of the art direction in the hands of the exceptionally talented Cold Poison Design, who has grown into a close friend. He handled the art, the layout, video teasers for the album, and being a man rich with knowledge on the topics we cover, he acted as a "producer" of sorts, if he thought a concept was not perfect. He has also created a very sexy t-shirt that will be released very soon by Dark Descent Records.”



MMU: “I was pretty blown away by your new album, what possessed you to write such ‘in your face’, dark, blasting tunes?”



Sebastian: “Though the three of us each have an eclectic taste in music, we all breathe and depend on brutal, dark death metal for our continued existence. It runs through our blood. We didn't set out to create it; it just simply wasn't an option.”



MMU: “Who produced Taman Shud?”



Sebastian: “Our creative process is quite literally ritualistic and closed off. Absolutely no one outside of the band has any say in what happens except for the three of us. Being stand-offish, defensive, arrogant pricks, we'd probably be deeply offended if anyone even tried. That being said, Stuart McKillop at Rain City Recorders, did a patient job of putting up with us, and curated the record in a sense- making sure to tell us if something was inadequate.”



MMU: “Is there anyone you would like to do a tour with? We'd love to see ya down here in the sticks of western North Carolina at the The Orange Peel in Asheville. I think you'd dig it.”



Sebastian: “It's a hard question to answer, because it's a long list. Any of the bands that are currently creating genuine, dark sorcerous arts would be a perfect fit- metal or otherwise. I certainly hope we can hit Asheville one day SOON, but for now the focus is Europe, this September.”



MMU: “Is the metal scene better today or is it worse?”



Sebastian: “I think support is at an all-time high.” 



MMU: “What is next for Auroch?” 



Sebastian: “We're still very much in the Taman Shud phase, riding the release out. We'll play Killtown Deathfest in Denmark this September, and do a subsequent European tour with our brothers Mitochondrion and Ritual Necromancy.”



MMU: “Thanks for the interview!”



Sebastian: “Ave.”

Check out Auroch’s new album, Taman Shud, and catch them on their European tour! You can like them on Facebook HERE.