Embodied Torment Interview

Embodied Torment Interview

By: Benjie Stewart


The underground brutal death metal scene is stronger than ever, and Embodied Torment embody just that. Drummer Cindy Chaco talks with Benjie from Metal Mayhem Underground about her inspirations on the kit, favorite times on the road, and new blistering tunes.


Metal Mayhem Underground: “Thanks for wanting to do this interview! So when did Embodied Torment come to be?”


Cindy Chaco: “We formed in 2010; my husband Matt (vocals) and I started the band. We met our first guitarist Casey a few months later. We met Joaquin, our 2nd guitarist at college a year after formation. And our bassist David soon after, on craigslist of all places. Casey left the band in 2012; we have been looking to fill his spot ever since.”


MMU:  “It is pretty impressive seeing a female play the drums in a brutal death metal band. How long have you've been playing the skins, and who are some of the drummers you look up to?”


CC: “My husband bought me my first kit when I was 18. My parents never let me play it in the house, so I really didn't get to express myself on the drums until I was about 22. I have been playing drums now for about 6 years. I look up to many drummers, but the ones off the top of my head are Neil Peart of Rush, Lille Gruber of Defeated Sanity, Jon Engman and Chad Walls of Brodequin, Alfie Vienneau of Orchidectomy and many more.”


MMU: “I see you are quite the road dogs, tell me about some of craziness of the road.”


CC: “Haha. Well we took our first tour in 2012, which was just a quick California trip. We met some of the greatest people- guys from a band called Facinorous, who gave us a place to stay, free home brews and tons of food. Our 2nd tour was lengthier, about 2 weeks long, and we went to Nevada, Arizona and California. There were a lot of drunken nights, playing pool, and plain fucking around. We did a documentary which we are still editing, that will hopefully be available soon. The most recent trip was to Las Vegas Death Fest, where we were extremely honored to play and hang out with brutal death metal big shots such as Gorgasm, Condemned, Cerebral Incubation, Guttural Secrete, Pessimist, Mortal Decay, Unmerciful, Amputated Genitals, and many more. It was probably the highlight of all our lives so far.”


MMU: “You have covered the legendary Brodequin, who else have you covered?”


CC: “Other than Brodequin, we also covered Decrepit Birth's song, ‘Prelude to the Apocalypse...”


MMU: “Any plans to do a whole cover album or EP in the future?”


CC:   “We only do covers as a source of fun- we do not plan on releasing a full album of just cover songs. We like to focus on creating our own unique form of dark, relentlessly fast, and intensely brutal death metal.”


MMU: “What would happen if you were in a dark alley and out of nowhere Abysmal Torment showed up?”


CC: “I would probably ask them to join me in a beer or two, and maybe torment the city together.”


MMU: “Would you play a fest with just bands with the word ‘torment’ in the name? This fest would be known as the Torment Fest... but the only rule is you have to cover both Slayer and W.A.S.P.'s, "Tormentor".


CC: “ I wouldn’t mind playing a Torment Fest. We would attempt to make those songs as brutal as possible. And I would only play it as long as we were to dress like W.A.S.P. as well.”


 MMU: “Who does your artwork and who designed your logo?”


CC: “I have done all the artwork for our band so far, and I also made the logo. I have a design company called Flesh Grind Graphics. I do logos, cover artwork, and shirt designs for metal bands. You can find the company on Facebook.”


MMU: “If you could book your own tour, what bands would you like to share the stage with?”


CC: “Ah this is a good question… Our dream lineup would probably be Disentomb, Iniquitous Deeds, Delusional Parasitosis, Splattered, and there are hundreds more, but I don’t think you have that sort of time, haha.”


MMU: “Do you think the Metal scene is better now as a whole or is it worse?”


CC: “I think all of us in Embodied Torment have different views on how the metal scene has changed. I personally feel like it has improved, at least in my area, as far as fan support and decent shows popping up. Underground metal is really all I know and we are a close community. We support each other, help each other, and treat each other as family. I try to focus on strengthening this community rather than focusing on the negatives.”


MMU: “So is there any new music in the works? What can the brutal death metal scene expect to hear from Embodied Torment in the future?”


 CC: “There's always new stuff in the works for us! We are working on completing four more new songs to prepare our full length release through our label New Standard Elite. They will be dark, fast and brutal as ever... packed with torturous themes. Our full length will be released in 2015, and we are also preparing a tasty tour schedule for next year.”


 MMU: “Thank you for taking the time to talk with us! Any final thoughts? *Obituary song starts playing*”



CC: “Thank you! I am very fortunate to be in a band with people I consider my best friends. They are like family to me. I would like to thank my label New Standard Elite for being the sickest label in the world, and I hope we go a long way!” ∆


Check out Embodied Torment on Facebookgo to their Bandcamp page, and get all your Embodied Torment gear HERE. Watch out for them on the road!