Eyehategod- Eyehategod Review

Eyehategod- Eyehategod Review

By: Hailey Hall, Contributing Writer



Rating: 7/10



Slightly better than mediocre, Eyehategod’s self-titled 5th studio release is not an absolutely terrible album, or an outstanding album, but it's just an album.


 I would have liked to have seen some more variation on this, but it does have a few interesting parts. The biggest aspect of this album is feeling. Lyrics are really important to the album. Reflection on the band's personal life is often the theme in many of their songs, and this album doesn't steer away from that at all. Mike Williams' vocals are very fitting with the music and help deliver the often cynical lyrics in a manner that makes sense to the style of music. Compared to their older releases, his vocals do seem to be a bit more full and not as strained.  Though the majority of the guitar work wasn't anything new for the band, it also had a better tone, cleaner than the guitar work present on Southern Discomfort. It is enjoyable, but not very impressive. Even though production has improved since previous albums, the bass was virtually unheard, though from what was audible, I really liked the tone and would like to have heard it more often. The drums were heard though, and also not very impressive.


Eyehategod lacks variation, and sounded the same throughout. It's just another Eyehategod album. It's got their sound, and all their distinguishing characteristics, but it's nothing new. It's a good album, but definitely not groundbreaking or all that amazing.


It’s good to see the band still active, and I really look forward to seeing new releases by them, hopefully with a more noticeable sound change, without losing their signature style and changing for the worse, and with more variation.