Misery Index- The Killing Gods Review

Misery Index- The Killing Gods Review

By Benjie Stewart


Rating: 8/10


The new Misery Index album, The Killing Gods… kills!


Being their 5th album, this is Misery Index's finest moment. This album commands the attention of the listener, it grabs you and doesn’t let go, riff after riff and slam after slamming jam. Here, they present some of the finest tones and riffs I have heard on a brutal death metal album in a very long time. There are many hooks to be found here in the guitar department, with very crisp solos. The production is fat and greasy, and the vocal attack is everything it should be on a death metal record. This album has an almost old school feel, with an "I don't give a fuck" attitude that has been missing in American death metal for quite some time.  There is a 90’s groove circling around The Killing Gods without giving it a metalcore sound. I like the cover art as well.


This album speaks for its self. You will not be disappointed if you love your death metal raw and dirty.