Aborted- Necrotic Manifesto Review

Aborted- The Necrotic Manifesto Review

by Benjie Stewart


Rating: 8/10



Talk about statements. Their 8th release, the new Aborted album, Necrotic Manifesto, is one big statement.  From chainsaw riffs, grinding drum work, the use of melody where it’s needed and monstrous vocals, to sick cover art, great production and incisor lyrics, it’s all here folks.


One of the interesting things about this album are the two cover songs Aborted do, covering Converge's "Concubine", and Suffocation's "Funeral Inception" from their classic Despise The Sun EP. Aborted did very well in covering these two classic tunes. Vocalist Sven "Svencho" de Caluwé, being the only original member left in the band, gathered some fine musicians to suit his vision of what grinding brutal death metal is all about. Not many bands are belting out this type of metal from Belgium. The tracks that make their mark here are: "Necrotic Manifesto", "The Davidian Deceit", "Coffin Upon Coffin ", "Sade & Libertine Lunacy", and "Excremental Veracity" .



If you've not heard an Aborted album in a while, I suggest you grab yourself a copy.