Arch Enemy- War Eternal Review

Arch Enemy- War Eternal Review

By: DJ Blackmoon


Rating: 8.5/10


Much better than expected, War Eternal is Arch Enemy’s tenth studio album, and their first with new vocalist Alissa White-Gluz. It is a great album, and their best since Doomsday Machine at least, but may be an equal match for their earlier work as well.


The first thing to take note of is the vocals. Former singer of The Agonist, White-Gluz gives an excellent delivery, spitting out the lines with the same snake-like quality Angela Gossow had on previous releases. The guitar rhythms are fast and crushing, contrasted with catchy melodies and intricately entertaining solos while still maintaining that classic Amott guitar tone. The drums take on a distinct role of their own, doing a good job of highlighting the guitar parts and contributing to the album’s heavy sound. Another key point is the symphonic elements introduced to the album near the halfway mark. The parts are simple, while adding a beautiful atmospheric quality that works well within the songs they are included in. The production on this album is phenomenal, resulting in a very heavy album. The album artwork is an eye-catcher, and matches the sound and feeling of the album.


Things that were disappointing about War Eternal is that the lyrics are a little shallow, and conceptually, the album is lacking. I don’t get the feeling that it’s about anything very deep or meaningful. The album also lacks consistency. The beginning kicks off to a great start and demands your attention, and it gets better until the middle, and then tapers off at the end, and I begin to lose interest. Luckily, my interest isn’t lost for long before the album ends, so it only briefly overstays its aural welcome.


I highly recommend this album, especially for those who have fallen off the Arch Enemy bandwagon in recent years due to mediocre releases. It is an album I feel has put the band back on track, and I look forward to hearing this band move forward again in the future.



Highlights: 1) Time is Black, 2) Stolen Life, 3) You Will Know My Name