Metal Mayhem Episode #66: "Metal Mayhem Says Goodbye: The Farewell Show Pt. II" -4/5/14

1. Motorhead- No Class

2. Angra- Nova Era

3. Symphony X- The Witching Hour

4. Dark Tranquillity- In My Absence

5. Absu- Never Blow Out The Eastern Candle

6. Death- Spirit Crusher

7. Old Man's Child- Black Seeds On Virgin Soil

8. Neuraxis- The Apex

9. Dream Evil- Chasing The Dragon

10. W.A.S.P.- Tormentor

11. Deadlock- Bloodpact

12. Cryptopsy- Phobophile

13. Venom- Bloodlust

14. Satyricon- Forhekset

15. Anthrax- Madhouse

16. Winger- Hungry

17. Katatonia- The Parting

18. Morbid Angel- Blades For Baal

19. Ceremonial Castings- Into The Black Forest Of Witchery

20. Mercyful Fate- Curse Of The Pharaohs

21. Excalion- A Moment In The Spotlight

22. Def Leppard- Another Hit And Run

23. Def Leppard- Comin' Under Fire

24. Gorgoroth- Unchain My Heart

25. Virgin Black- ...And The Kiss Of God's Mouth, Pts. I & II

26. God Dethroned- Serpent King

27. Iron Maiden- Purgatory

28. Iron Maiden- The Loneliness Of The Long Distance Runner

29. Iron Maiden- Hallowed Be Thy Name

30. Helloween- The Keeper Of The Seven Keys, Pt. I

31. Ratt- You're In Love

32. Annihilator- Alison Hell

33. Blind Guardian- Journey Through The Dark

34. Dokken- In My Dreams

35. Tristania- Heritique

36. Swallow The Sun- The Emerald Forest And The Blackbird

37. Fates Warning- The Ivory Gate Of Dreams

38. Vesperian Sorrow- An Empire To Mourn

39. My Dying Bride- A Cruel Taste Of Winter

40. Death Angel- Guilty Of Innocence

41. Stratovarius- Eternity

42. Behemoth- In The Absence Ov Light

43. Behemoth- O Father, O Satan, O Sun!

44. Sonata Arctica- 8th Commandment

45. Obituary- Final Thoughts

46. Devilish Impressions- Icaros

47. Evergrey- The Masterplan

48. Lost Horizons- Sworn In The Metal Wind

49. Deliverance- Flesh and Blood

50. Europe- Stormwind

51. Dangerous Toys- Teasn' Pleasn'

52. Machine Head- This Is The End

53. Woods Of Ypres- Traveling Alone

54. Nachtmystium- Ghosts Of Grace

55. Lifelover- Myspys

56. Metallica- Metal Militia