Metal Mayhem Episode #65: "Metal Mayhem Says Goodbye: The Farewell Show, Pt. 1"- 3/29/14

1. Taake- Doedskvad I

2. Metallica- Battery

3. Kamelot- When The Lights Are Down

4. Origin- The Wrath Of Vishnu

5. Dissection- Night's Blood

6. Great White- Streetkiller

7. Dio- Don't Talk To Strangers

8. Ensiferum- Deathbringer From The Sky

9. Judas Priest- Deceiver

10. KISS- Nowhere To Run

11. Cephalic Carnage- Touched By An Angel

12. Mayhem- Freezing Moon

13. Heaven's Gate- Gate Of Heaven

14. Brutal Truth- I See Red

15. Queensryche- The Whisper

16. Queensryche- I Don't Believe In Love

17. Queensryche- Roads To Madness

18. Slayer- Black Magic

19. Ancient Rites- Fatherland

20. Bathory- A Fine Day To Die

21. Bathory- A Ring Of Gold

22. Deicide- Dead By Dawn

23. Black Sabbath- Devil And Daughter

24. Black Sabbath- Die Young

25. Deep Purple- Child In Time

26. Rotting Christ- Thy Wings, Thy Horns, Thy Sin

27. Iced Earth- Ten Thousand Strong

28. Crimson Glory- Lonely

29. Enslaved- Havenless

30. Anathema- Sunset Of Age

31. Dream Theater- Wait For Sleep/Learning To Live

32. Burzum- Jesus Dod

33. Agalloch- In The Shadow Of Our Pale Companion

34. Into Eternity- Severe Emotional Distress

35. Emeth- Enochi Kofer

36. Sepultura- Arise

37. Immortal- A Perfect Vision Of The Rising Northland

38. Rhapsody- Power Of The Dragonflame

39. Demons & Wizards- Fiddler On The Green

40. Edguy- Babylon (Live)

41. Blind Guardian- Bard's Song (Live)

42. Scorpions- We'll Burn The Sky (Live)

43. Judas Priest- Diamonds and Rust (Live)

44. Evergrey- For Every Tear That Falls (Live)

45. Sonata Arctica- Full Moon/Black Oceans (Live)

46. Manowar- Master Of The Wind (Live)

47. Emperor- I Am The Black Wizards/Inno A Satana (Live)