Metal Mayhem Episode #64 -3/22/14

1. Death Angel- Kill As One

2. Metallica- The Four Horsemen

3. Blind Guardian- Valhalla

4. Drudkh- The Day Will Come

5. Mouth Of The Architect- It Swarms

6. Place Vendome- Cross The Line

7. Place Vendome- Talk To Me

8. The Black Dahlia Murder- A Vulgar Picture

9. Hammerfall- Hammerfall

10. Necrophagist- Ignominious and Pale

11. Ratt- It Doesn't Matter

12. Angantyr- Et Varsel Om Dod

13. Annthennath- Electric Destiny

14. Origin- Perversion Of Hate

15. Rivers Of Nihil- Mechanical Trees

16. Pantera- Hollow

17. Cor Scorpii- Brader I Stein

18. Liturgy- Harmonia

19. Overkill- Hello From The Gutter

20. Helloween- Electric Eye (Judas Priest Cover)

21. Tesla- Song & Emotion

22. Tesla- 2 Late 4 Love

23. Bloodbath- Eaten

24. Ozzy- Mr. Crowley (Live)

25. Ozzy- Children Of The Grave (Live)

26. Morbid Angel- Nothing Is Not

27. Kataklysm- Manipulator Of Souls

28. Death- Perennial Quest

29. Mercenary- Lost Reality

30. Anathema- A Dying Wish

31. Marduk- On Darkened Wings

32. Seventh Wonder- Unbreakable

33. Napalm Death- Continuing War On Stupidity

34. Whitesnake- Crying

35. Iron Maiden- Judas Be My Guide

36. Children Of Bodom- Hatebreeder

37. Children Of Bodom- Towards Dead End

38. Nuclear Assault- Inherited Hell

39. Paradise Lost- One Second

40. My Dying Bride- Base Level Erotica

41. Saigon Kick- Love Is On The Way

42. Kix- Dirty Boys

43. In Flames- The Jester Race

44. Galloglass- Dragon's Revenge

45. Dark Funeral- Hail Murder (Live)

46. Ulver- Wolf And Passion

47. Labyrinth- Lady Lost In Time

48. Skeletonwitch- Within My Blood

49. Intronaut- Sore Sight For Eyes

50. Type O Negative- September Sun

51. Black Sabbath- Children Of The Sea

52. Opeth- In My Time Of Need

53. Freedom Call- High Enough

54. Ozzy- Goodbye To Romance