Metal Mayhem Episode #63 -2/8/14

1. Exhumed- As Hammer To Anvil

2. Kampfar- Mare

3. Dark Tranquillity- Focus Shift

4. Deliverance- Hope Lies Beyond

5. Divine Heresy- Rise Of The Scorned

6. Motorhead- All The Aces

7. Queensryche- En Force

8. Sepultura- Lobodomy

9. Psycroptic- Merchants Of Deceit

10. Scorpions- In Trance

11. Running Wild- The Privateer

12. Aldo Nova- Hold Back The Night

13. Helix- Long Distance Heartbreak

14. Gorgoroth- Funeral Procession

15. Windir- Heidra

16. Bethlehem- Funeral Owlblood

17. God Seed- From The Running Of Blood

18. Def Leppard- Billy's Got A Gun

19. Def Leppard- I Wanna Be Your Hero

20. Between The Buried And Me- Telos

21. Fates Warning- The Eleventh Hour

22. Fates Warning- Life In Still Water

23. Fates Warning- The Apparition

24. Possessed- Death Metal

25. Blind Guardian- Guardian Of The Blind

26. Destruction- Frontbeast

27. Edguy- Theater of Salvation

28. Deadlock- Code Of Honor

29. Stratovarius- We Hold The Key

30. Dead Can Dance- Persephone

31. Meshuggah- Vanished

32. Megadeth- The Skull Beneath The Skin

33. Converge- Orphaned

34. Behemoth- In The Absence Ov Light (NEW)

35. Behemoth- O Father, O Satan, O Sun! (NEW)

36. Funebre- All My Sins Forgive

37. Vektor- Forests Of Legend

38. Timeghoul- Boiling In The Hourglass

39. Northland- The Old Town's Inn

40. Carpathian Forest- Spill The Blood Of The Lamb

41. Visceral Bleeding- Fire Took His Face

42. Moonsorrow- Talvi

43. Nightrage- Hero

44. Metallica- Helpless (Diamond Head Cover)

45. Metallica- Through The Never

46. Paradise Lost- Nothing Sacred

47. October Falls- Mouth Of A Nation's Harlot

48. AC/DC- Let Me Put My Love Into You

49. Guns N' Roses- Think About You

50. Van Halen- Everybody Wants Some

51. Helloween- In The Middle Of A Heartbeat

52. Helloween- Where The Rain Grows