Metal Mayhem Episode #62 -2/1/14

1. Slayer- Raining Blood

2. Heavenly- The World Will Be Better

3. Lizzy Borden- American Metal

4. Lizzy Borden- Rod Of Iron

5. Dark Tranquillity- The Gallery

6. Arkona- Ярило

7. Venom- Teacher's Pet

8. My Dying Bride- I Cannot Be Loved

9. Kataklysm- Astral Empire

10. Gojira- Remembrance

11. Mass Infection- Beholding The Throne

12. Vreid- Eldast, Utan Å Gro

13. Light This City- Facing The Thousand

14. Faith No More- We Care A Lot

15. Iron Maiden- Sea Of Madness

16. Slayer- Blood Red

17. Slayer- Metal Storm/Face The Slayer

18. Dream Theater- Piano Solo (Live)

19. Dream Theater- Wait For Sleep (Live)

20. Dream Theater- Metropolis Pt. 1 (Live)

21. Vomepotro- Buried In A Collective Grave

22. Nevermore- The Learning

23. Opeth- Isolation Years

24. Lacuna Coil- Soul Into Hades

25. Metallica- Fixxxer

26. King Diamond- Them

27. King Diamond- One Down, Two To Go

28. Death- Bite The Pain (1998 Demo Version)

29. Dio- Don't Talk To Strangers

30. Tarja- My Little Phoenix

31. Vlad- The Eternal Secret

32. Michael Kiske- You Always Walk Alone

33. Kick Axe- Hellraisers

34. Amorphis- Misery Path

35. Amorphis- Sampo

36. In Flames- All Of You

37. Deicide- Sacrificial Suicide (Demo Version)

38. Keep Of Kalessin- The Wealth Of Darkness

39. Agalloch- Kneel To The Cross (Sol Invictus Cover)

40. Forgotten Tomb- The Scapegoat

41. Nile- The Language Of The Shadows

42. Sentenced- Awaiting The Winter Frost

43. Embracing Carpathian Mourning- Waste

44. Embracing Carpathian Mourning- Whisperer Of Evil Deeds

45. Charred Walls Of The Damned- On Unclean Ground

46. Rotten Sound- Seeds

47. Textures- Awake

48. Anthrax- One World

49. Anthrax- I'm The Man

50. Anthrax- Sabbath Bloody Sabbath

51. Revocation- A Visitation

52. Firehouse- Don't Walk Away

53. Asmegin- Blodhevn

54. Vital Remains- Dechristianize

55. Kivimetsan Druidi- The Seawitch & The Sorcerer

56. Empyrium- Dead Winter Ways (Live)

57. Ulcerate- Confronting Entropy

58. Skinny Puppy- plasiCage

59. Catamenia- Song Of The Nightbird

60. Overkill- Coma

61. Gamma Ray- Armageddon

62. Seth- Aching Agony

63. The Black Dahlia Murder- Funeral Thirst