Metal Mayhem Episode #61: "The Winter Sunshine Special/Metal Mayhem Gets Moody Again" -1/25/14

1. Abyssos- Masquerade In The Flames

2. Anorexia Nervosa- Divine White Light Of A Cumming Decadence

3. Immortal- Cursed Realms Of The Winterdemons

4. Nokturnal Mortum- Black Moon Overture

5. Nokturnal Mortum- Kuyabiva

6. Anathema- Fragile Dreams

7. Anathema- The Lost Child

8. Neuraxis- The All And The Nothing

9. Metallica- Orion

10. Katatonia- The Racing Heart

11. Agalloch- Sowilo Rune

12. Agalloch- A Desolation Song

13. Leviathan- Unfailing Fall Into Naught

14. Addaura- Solace Beneath A Greying Sky

15. Woods Of Ypres- Mirror Reflection

16. Winterfylleth- Gateway To The Dark Peak

17. Ihsahn- Monolith

18. Nargaroth- Journey Through My Cosmic Cells

19. Cradle Of Filth- The Forest Whispers My Name

20. Black Funeral- Ex Sanguini Draculae

21. Crimson Moon- Sender Of Nocturnal Visions

22. Amesoeurs- Recueillement

23. Xasthur- Through A Trance Of Despondency

24. Sunn O)))/Boris- Etna

25. Evergrey- Closure/Solitude Within

26. Woods Of Desolation- They Will Never Leave Their Tormentor

27. Akercocke- The Dark Inside

28. Sculptured- Her Silence

29. Moonspell- Once It Was Ours!

30. Novembre- Distances

31. Primordial- No Grave Deep ENough

32. Solitude Aeturnus- Mirror Of Sorrow

33. Eikenskaden- I Left Tears In My Thoughts

34. Gardenian- Small Electric Space

35. Kreator- Civilization Collapse

36. Brutal Truth- Denial Of Existence

37. Nasum- Fury

38. GWAR- Madness At The Core Of Time

39. Belenos- Le Domaine Des Songes (Act 2)

40. Lifelover- M/S Salmonella

41. Suicidal Tendencies- How Will I Laugh Tomorrow