Metal Mayhem Episode #59 -12/7/13

1. Dimension Zero- A Paler Shade Of White

2. Silent Force- No One Lives Forever

3. Dissection- Night's Blood

4. Dissection- God of Forbidden Light

5. Primordial- The Coffin Ship

6. Judas Priest- Freewheel Burning

7. Kreator- Voices Of The Dead

8. Kreator- Storming With Menace

9. Nightwish- Amaranthe

10. Rotting Christ- Thy Wings, Thy Horns, Thy Sin

11. Arch Enemy- Taking Back My Soul

12. Armored Saint- Glory Hunter

13. Down- Lifer

14. Metallica- No Leaf Clover

15. Metallica- Attitude

16. Shadows Fall- Forevermore

17. Emperor- The Tongue Of Fire

18. Into Eternity- Time Immemorial

19. Iron Maiden- Hallowed Be Thy Name (Live)

20. Iron Maiden- Phantom Of The Opera (Live)

21. Iron Maiden- Iron Maiden (Live)

22. Finntroll- Salget Vid Blodsalv

23. Luror- A Symptom Of Evil

24. Centinex- Hellbrigade

25. Limbonic Art- Path Of Ice

26. Burzum- Die Liebe Nerpus

27. Burzum- Jesus Dod

28. Exodus- Karma's Messenger

29. Autopsy- Charred Remains

30. Shining- Attiosextusenfyrahundra

31. Shining- Neka Morgondagen

32. Brainstorm- All Those Words

33. Callenish Circle- Pull The Plug (Death Cover)

34. Behexen- Ritual Of Flesh And Blood

35. Suffocation- Dismal Dream

36. Dark Tranquillity- I, Deception

37. Dark Tranquillity- The Science Of Noise

38. Watain- Storm Of The Antichrist

39. Mithotyn- We March

40. Cannibal Corpse- Pulverized

41. Cannibal Corpse- Dead Human Collection

42. Marduk- Christraping Black Metal

43. Slayer- Praise Of Death

44. Slayer- Dead Skin Mask

45. Iced Earth- Ten Thousand Strong

46. Skinless- Wicked World (Black Sabbath Cover)

47. Gorgoroth- God Seed

48. Arch/Matheos- On The Fence

49. Dehumanized- Root Of Evil

50. Darkthrone- Majestic Desolate Eye

51. Gamma Ray- Beyond The Black Hole

52. Evergrey- The Phantom Letters

53. The Black Dahlia Murder- Miasma

54. The Black Dahlia Murder- I Worship Only What You Bleed

55. The Black Dahlia Murder- Deathmask Divine

56. Lord Belial- Unholy Spell Of Lilith

57. Bloodbath- Sick Salvation

58. Mayhem- Slaughter Of Dreams

59. Behemoth- The Entrance To The Spheres Of Mars

60. Odious Mortem- The Ending Regression Of The Mind

61. Katatonia- The Parting