Metal Mayhem Episode #58: "Last Minute/Thanksgiving Break/Everything But Metal....But Mostly Metal Special" -11/30/13

1. Venom- Black Metal

2. Venom- Welcome To Hell

3. Heaven’s Gate- Tyrants

4. Excalion- A Moment In The Spotlight

5. Dream Evil- Chasing The Dragon

6. Black Majesty- Guardian

7. Black Sabbath- Nightwing

8. Black Sabbath- Devil And Daughter

9. Black Sabbath- Falling Off The Edge Of The World

10. Great White- Streetkiller

11. Great White- Heart The Hunter

12. The Allman Brothers Band- Gambler’s Roll

13. DeJohnette, Hancock, Holland, and Metheny- Jack In

14. John Coltrane- Dear Lord

15. Sonny Rollins- St. Thomas

16. King Pleasure- Moody’s Mood For Love

17. Ella Fitzgerald- In A Sentimental Mood

18. Miles Davis Quintet- If I Were A Bell

19. Miles Davis- Blue In Green

20. Kamelot- When The Lights Are Down

21. Eluveitie- The Somber Lay

22. Evile- Descent Into Madness

23. Sons Of Vikings- Blind Love

24. Akercocke- He Is Risen

25. Unleashed- Into Glory Ride

26. Blind Guardian- A Past And Future Secret (Demo Version)

27. Dark Funeral- Stigmata

28. Rome- Die Nelke

29. Virgin Black- And The Kiss Of God’s Mouth Pt. I

30. Virgin Black- And The Kiss Of God’s Mouth Pt. II

31. Catamenia- Gallery Of Fear

32. Devilish Impressions- Icaros

33. Goatmoon- Alone

34. Satanic Warmaster- Pentagram & Wood

35. Sargeist- Return To Misery And Comfort

36. Metallica- It’s Electric (Diamond Head Cover)

37. Nile- Permitting The Noble Dead

38. A Perfect Circle- Orestes

39. Circus Maximus- Zero

40. Faith No More- Kindergarten

41. Bolt Thrower- Dying Creed

42. God Dethroned- Villa Vampiria

43. Kataklysm- Courage Through Hope

44. Megadeth- 99 Ways To Die

45. Moonspell- Tenebraium Oratorium

46. Nachtmystium- Life Of Fire

47. Death- Altering The Future

48. Pyramaze- What Lies Beyond

49. Mercenary- Loneliness

50. Ozzy Osbourne- Killer Of Giants

51. Nasum- A Welcome Breeze Of Stinking Air

52. Kampfar- Valdogg

53. Drudkh- The Price Of Freedom

54. Scorpions- Love Will Keep Us Alive