Metal Mayhem Episode #56: "Metal Mayhem Goes Brutal" -11/16/13

1. Necrotic Disgorgement- Crack Whore Compost

2. Vomepotro- Horror Humanufacture

3. Last Days Of Humanity- A Divine Proclamation Of Finishing The Present Existence

4. Blood Drenched Horror- Under A Hail Of Bullets

5. Antropofagus- Eternity To Devour

6. Antropofagus- Demise Of The Carnal Principle

7. Flesh Consumed- Imprisoned Between Dimensions

8. Beheaded- Descent Into Sanguinary Fear

9. Beheaded- Esoteric Kin

10. Lividity- Mass Genocide

11. Saprogenic- Death March

12. Napalm Death- Diktat

13. Unfathomable Ruination- Consequential Failure

14. Diftery- I, Misanthrope

15. Cytotoxin- The Red Forest

16. Infested Blood- The Art Of Cannibalism

17. Goratory- George Clinton And The 9 Year Old Gutter Slut

18. Putrid Pile- Blood Turns Red

19. Vader- Out Of The Deep

20. Cannibal Corpse- Dormant Bodies Bursting

21. Gorod- Sailing Into The Earth

22. Morbid Angel- Nothing But Fear

23. Decrepit Birth- Mirroring Dimensions

24. Origin- Algorithm

25. Pathology- Creation Of Mass Destruction

26. Guttural Secrete- Stainless Conception

27. Internal Suffering- Legion

28. Logic Of Denial- Weaping Upon Repugnance

29. Mass Infection- Savagery Incarnate

30. Neuraxis- Shatter The Wisdom

31. Neuraxis- Trauma

32. Unmerciful- Cast To Flames

33. Visceral Bleeding- Remnants Of Deprivation

34. Inveracity- Shrouded In Solitary

35. Human Rejection- Descecration

36. Emeth- Existence Beyond Being

37. Fleshrot- Expanding The Void

38. Detrimentum- The Journeyman's Lament

39. Gorgasm- Exhibit Of Repugnance

40. Monstrosity- The Bloodline Horror

41. Cryptopsy- Benedictine Convulsions

42. Necrophagist- Symbiotic In Theory

43. Deaden- Only Genitals Remain

44. Sinister- Mystical Illusions

45. Rotting Obscene- Cataclysmic Advent

46. Severed Savior- Brutality Is Law

47. Viral Load- Lawnmower Lobodomy

48. Prostitute Disfigurement- Left In Grisly Fashion

49. Inevitable End- Embracing The Origin

50. Thirst Of Revenge- I Will Remain Silent When I Die

51. Suffocation- Funeral Inception

52. Suffocation- Thrones Of Blood

53. Decapitated- Long-Desired Dementia

54. Incantation- Shadows Of The Ancient Empire

55. Deeds Of Flesh- Sounds Of Loud Reigns

56. Inherit Disease- Beyond The Tyranny Of Entropy

57. Mindly Rotten- Death's Fatal Flow

58. Genocide- Hypocrisy

59. Severe Torture- Blinded I Slaughter

60. Atrocious Abnormality- Beyond Obliteration

61. Distorted Impalement- Straight In Your Face

62. Malevolent Creation- Serial Dementia

63. Gorguts- Odors Of Existence

64. Gorguts- The Ocean Of Wisdom

65. Prion- The End Is Near