Metal Mayhem Episode #55 -11/9/13

1. Stratovarius- Forever Free

2. Skeletonwitch- This Evil Embrace (NEW)

3. Asgaroth- A Call In The Winds

4. Asgaroth- The Dark Force

5. Disgorge- Womb Full Of Scabs

6. My Dying Bride- The Barghest O' Whitby

7. Tiamat- Gaia

8. Sargeist- Let The Devil In

9. Queensryche- Eyes Of A Stranger

10. Queensryche- I Don't Believe In Love

11. Queensryche- Roads To Madness

12. Swallow The Sun- Under The Waves

13. Sun Devoured Earth- Make Me Disappear

14. Daylight Dies- Sunset

15. Dream Theater- Space-Dye-Vest

16. Blind Guardian- Lord Of The Rings (Unplugged)

17. Metallica- Disposable Heroes

18. Metallica- One

19. Dying Fetus- The Ancient Rivalry

20. Virgin Black- Of Your Beauty

21. Virgin Black- Drink The Midnight Hymn

22. Edguy- Misguiding Your Life

23. Shadowkeep- The Trial Of Your Betrayal

24. Wolverine- Communication Lost

25. Fates Warning- Damnation

26. Theatre Of Tragedy- And When He Falleth

27. Scorpions- He's A Woman, She's A Man

28. Type O Negative- Paranoid (Black Sabbath Cover)

29. Concerto Moon- Take You To The Moon

30. Stream Of Passion- The Scarlet Mask

31. Askival- Sorrow Of The Sun

32. Askival- Forged In The Fires Of Alba

33. Holy Moses- Entering The Now

34. Agalloch- Ghost Of The Midwinter

35. Agalloch- Black Lake Niostang

36. Katatonia- No Good Can Come Of This

37. From Autumn To Ashes- Everything I Need

38. Crionics- Armageddon's Evolution

39. Demons & Wizards- Loves Tragedy Asunder

40. Cattle Decapitation- Bereavement

41. Exciter- Stand Up And Fight

42. Arckanum- Pann Svartis

43. Ariadna Project- Learning To Believe

44. Countess- Helig Vuur

45. Machine Head- Battery (Metallica Cover)