Metal Mayhem Episode #53: "Helloween Halloween" -10/26/13

Surprise "Halloween" album:

The Cure- Disintegration

1. Annihilator- Fight The World

2. Death Angel- Execution/Don't Save Me

3. Fates Warning- And Yet It Moves

4. Depeche Mode- Precious

5. Sol Invictus- The Bad Luck Bird

6. Dead Can Dance- Black Sun

7. Everything But The Girl- Missing

8. Swans- Love Will Tear Us Apart (Black Version)

9. Dream Theater- The Enemy Inside

10. Agathodaimon- In Darkness (We Shall Be Reborn)

11. Amorphis- Dead Man's Dream

12. Queensryche- Open Road


HELLOWEEN HALLOWEEN (All the following songs are by Helloween):


13. Ride The Sky (Live)

14. Paint A New World

15. Still We Go

16. A Million To One

17. Starlight (Michael Kiske Remix)

18. Light The Universe

19. Straight Out Of Hell

20. The Chance

21. Hell Was Made In Heaven

22. The Sage, The Fool, The Sinner

23. March Of Time

24. Music

25. Midnight Sun

26. If I Could Fly

27. Metal Invaders

28. The Saints

29. In The Middle Of A Heartbeat

30. Are You Metal?

31. My Life For One More Day

32. Steel Tormentor

33. Hold Me In Your Arms

34. Just A Sign

35. Twilight Of The Gods

36. Before The War

37, Someone's Crying

38. If A Mountain Could Talk

39. Falling Higher

40. Halloween