Metal Mayhem Episode #51 -9/28/13

1. Possessed- The Exorcist

2. Europe- Seven Doors Hotel

3. D.R.I.- Nursing Home Blues

4. Motorhead- Killed By Death (Live)

5. Arch Enemy- Enemy Within

6. KISS- Black Diamond

7. Sonata Arctica- Last Drop Falls

8. Aerosmith- Lick And A Promise

9. Aerosmith- Kings And Queens (Live)

10. Absu- An Equinox Of Fathomless Disheartenment

11. Highland Glory- Spirit Of Salvation

12. Highland Glory- The Sacrifice

13. Novembre- Nothinggrad

14. Deeds Of Flesh- Portals To Canaan

15. Van Halen- Romeo Delight

16. Van Halen- Summer Nights

17. Fates Warning- Life In Still Water

18. Inveracity- Vicious Pretention

19. Hammers Of Misfortune- Doomed Parade

20. Venom- Carnivorous

21. Iron Maiden- Judas Be My Guide

22. 1349- Aiwass Aeon

23. Sadus- The Wake

24. Metallica- To Live Is To Die (Live)

25. Iron Maiden- Alexander The Great

26. Pantera- Revolution Is My Name

27. Stryper- In God We Trust

28. Municipal Waste- The Inebriator

29. Masterplan- Black Night Of Magic

30. Pig Destroyer- Ghost Of A Bullet

31. Pig Destroyer- One Funeral Too Many

32. White Lion- All Burn In Hell

33. Running Wild- Marooned

34. Dawn Of Dementia- Somatic Fallacy

35. Estatic Fear-Chapter I

36. Rush- Mystic Rhythms

37. Rush- Ghost Rider

38. Nuclear Assault- Survive

39. Meshuggah- Neurotica

40. Corrosion Of Conformity- Clean My Wounds

41. Anal Cunt- I Ate Your Horse

42. Austere-Just For A Moment

43. Coldworld- Winterreise

44. Repulsion- Pestilent Decay

45. Brutal Truth- Judgement

46. Aborted- The Kallinger Theory

47. Circus Maximus- Last Goodbye

48. AC/DC- Landslide

49. Black Sabbath- Hole In The Sky

50. Helloween- Longing

51. Dream Evil- The Prophecy

52. Oppressor- Devour The Soul

53. Forced Entry- The Unextinguishable

54. Soulfly- Carved Inside

55. Neaera- Caesura

56. Brutal Truth- Walking Corpse

57. Hate Eternal- Phoenix Among The Ashes

58. The Sins Of Thy Beloved- Silent Pain