Metal Mayhem Episode #49: "Metal Mayhem Gets Moody" -9/14/13

1. Cradle Of Filth- Lustmord and Wargasm

2. Watain- The Wild Hunt (NEW)

3. Agalloch- The Misshapen Steed

4. Agalloch- Birch White

5. Agalloch- You Were But A Ghost In My Arms

6. Skinny Puppy- Warlock

7. Conception- Water Confines

8. Enforcer- Live For The Night

9. Enforcer- Running In Menace

10. Arcturus- The Bodkin & The Quietus

11. Kawir- Hymn To The Winds

12. Primordial- Traitor's Gate

13. Soilwork- This Momentary Bliss

14. Faith No More- The Real Thing

15. Anathema- Anyone, Anywhere

16. Dokken- Don't Lie To Me

17. Freedom Call- Tears Falling

18. Saviour Machine- Child In Silence

19. Obituary- Memories Remain

20. Enslaved- Forsaken

21. Alghazanth- On Blackening Soil

22. Katatonia- 12

23. Nokturnal Mortum- Lunar Poetry

24. Celestial Season- Soft Embalmer Of The Midnight

25. Damnation Winds- Strain Of The Rope

26. Uaral- The Writing And The Cry...

27. Vio-Lence- Kill On Command

28. Cemetery Urn- The Conquered Are Burned

29. October Falls- The Plague Of A Coming Age (NEW)

30. Textures- Stoic Resignation

31. Night In Gales- Five Scars

32. Sear Bliss- A Deathly Illusion

33. Gorguts- Forgotten Arrrows (NEW)

34. Hammerfall- Dreamland

35. A Transylvanian Funeral- Premonitions

36. Symphony X- The Accolade

37. Lethian Dreams- Wandering

38. Evergrey- As I Lie Here Bleeding

39. Ulver- Like Music

40. Nightrage- Insidious

41. October Tide- Of Wounds To Come (NEW)

42. Darkane- The Sinister Supremacy (NEW)

43. Gamma Ray- Lust For Life

44. Waco Jesus- Hyper Dominant (NEW)

45. Dantalian- Dark Empress

46. Emperor- The Eruption

47. Dawn- Eyesland

48. Edge Of Sanity- Black Tears

49. Evereve- The Downfall

50. Evereve- The Epilogue

51. Moonsorrow- Kivenkantaja

52. Moonsorrow- Matkan Lopussa

53. Immortal- A Perfect Vision Of The Rising Northland