Metal Mayhem Episode #48 -9/7/13

1. Queensryche- Where Dreams Go To Die (NEW)

2. Judas Priest- Dissident Agressor

3. Judas Priest- Deciever

4. Dark Funeral- ...Dreaming

5. Dark Tranquillity- What Only You Know (NEW)

6. Iced Earth- Blessed Are You

7. Sentenced- Forever Lost

8. Napalm Death- The Infiltrator

9. God Dethroned- Bloody Blasphemy

10. Dim Mak- Seeing Crows In Silver

11. Dim Mak- The Sounds Of Carnage

12. Candlemass- Dying Illusion

13. The Black Dahlia Murder- In Hell Is Where She Waits For Me (NEW)

14. Dio- I Speed At Night

15. Finsterforst- Traumwald

16. Necrotic Disgorgement- Grotesque Skeletal Reconstruction (NEW)

17. Tiamat- The Return Of The Son Of Nothing

18. Vader- Rise Of The Undead

19. Samael- 'Til We Meet Again

20. Type O Negative- Christian Woman

21. My Dying Bride- My Faults Are Your Reward

22. Manowar- Gods Of War

23. Rhapsody Of Fire- Heart Of The Darklands

24. Black Sabbath- Age Of Reason (NEW)

25. Bathory- Blood Fire Death

26. Revocation- The Gift You Gave (NEW)

27. Cannibal Corpse- The Crypts Stench

28. Opeth- The Apostle In Triumph

29. Origin- Wrath Of Vishnu

30. Pathology- Imprisoned By Fear

31. Sturmkaiser- Hail Victory

32. Eradicator- Last Days Of Defiance

33. Empyrium- Autumn Grey Views

34. Amon Amarth- Father Of The Wolf (NEW)

35. The 3rd And The Mortal- Why So Lonely

36. Def Leppard- Too Late For Love

37. Angra- Judgement Day

38. Angra- Spread Your Fire

39. Severed Savior- Blessed By The Beast

40. Exodus- A Lesson In Violence (Re-recording)

41. Nocturnal Rites- Pentagram

42. Autopsy- Mangled Far Below (NEW)

43. Obscura Amentia- Mirror Of Sorrow

44. Necronomicon- Black Frost

45. Deadlock- As We Came Undone (NEW)

46. Death Angel- Road Mutants

47. Hour Of Penance- Thousands Of Christs

48. Spawn Of Possession- Cabinet

49. Children Of Bodom- One Bottle And A Knee Deep (NEW)

50. Spellblast- Legend Of The Ice Wolf

51. Krisiun- Hunter Of Souls

52. Dreamtale- Wings Of Icaros

53. Antropofagus- Eternity To Devour

54. Metallica- Creeping Death

55. Gored- The Agony Of Asphyxiation

56. Scorpions- We'll Burn The Sky

57. Satyricon- Black Lava