Metal Mayhem Episode #47 -8/31/13

1. Sodom- Agent Orange

2. Heaven's Gate- Surrender

3. Winger- Hungry

4. Gorgoroth- A World To Win

5. Evergrey- For Every Tear That Falls (Live)

6. Logic Of Denial- Reek Of Perpetual Infamy

7. Rotting Christ- Gilgames

8. Slayer- Piece By Piece

9. Behemoth- Decade Ov Therion

10. Abigor- Reborn Through The Gates Of Three Moons

11. Anthrax- The Enemy

12. Haggard- Per Aspera Ad Astra

13. Edguy- The Piper Never Dies

14. Dehumanized- Bloodties

15. Moonspell- Ruin & Misery

16. Dissection- A Land Forlorn

17. In Flames- Everdying

18. Iron Maiden- Brave New World

19. Augury- Alien Shores

20. Deep Purple- Child In Time

21. Kamelot- The Fourth Legacy

22. Dark Funeral- Heart Of Ice

23. Decrepit Birth- Await The Unending

24. Metallica- ...And Justice For All

25. Suffocation- Tomes Of Acrimony

26. Pantera- The Art Of Shredding

27. Kreator- Replicas Of Life

28. Vektor- Hunger For Violence

29. Stratovarius- Legions

30. Vlad Tepes- In Holocaust To The Natural Darkness

31. Great White- Streetkiller

32. Detrimentum- Pestilence Shared With The Worms

33. Emeth-Anochi Kofer

34. Theatre Of Tragedy- Lorelei

35. Sepultura- Beneath The Remains

36. Hate Eternal- Powers That Be

37. Burzum- Erblicket Die Durhther des Firmamaents

38. Avantasia- Reach Out For The Light

39. Overkill- Endless War

40. Atheist- An Incarnation's Dream

41. Paradise Lost- Tragic Idol

42. Death- Voice Of The Soul

43. Woods Of Ypres- Shards Of Love