Metal Mayhem Episode #8 -12/10/11

1. Old Man's Child- Black Seeds On Virgin Soil

2. Belphegor- March Of The Dead

3. Moonspell- Opium

4. Abigor- Equilibrium Pass By

5.Blasphemy- Ritual

6. Black Witchery- Darkness Attack

7. Dark Moor- The Chariot

8. Vader- Predator

9. Celtic Frost- Dawn Of Meggido

10. ...And Oceans- Aphid: Devil Flower: Fruits Of Lunacy

11. Infection- Autopsy Room

12. Inquisition- We Summon The Winds Of Fire

13. Dark Funeral- In My Dreams

14. Nile- Utterances Of The Crawling Dead

15. Frost- Lost Connection

16. Averse Sefira- Ad Infinitum

17. Wyrm- Night Stalker

18. Nightwish- End Of All Hope

19. Mayhem- Buried By Time And Dust (Live)

20. Emperor- Witches Sabbath

21. Gorgoroth- Unchain My Heart

22. Lizzy Borden- Tomorrow Never Comes

23. King Diamond- No Presents For Christmas

24. Venom- Black Xmas