Metal Mayhem Episode #7 -12/3/11

1. Death Angel- Lord Of Hate

2. Funebre- All My Sins Forgive

3. Testament- The New Order

4. Scar Symmetry- Chaosweaver

5. Lord Belial- War Of Hate

6. Exodus- The Strike Of The Beast

7. Equilibrium- Der Strum

8. Overkill- Devils In The Mist

9. Within Temptation- Our Solemn Hour

10. Dark Fortress- Catawomb

11. 1349- Serpentine Sibilance

12. Hate- Resurrection Machine

13. Kampfar- Ildstemmer

14. I Shalt Become- Leaving Watership Down

15. Slayer- At Dawn They Sleep

16. Amon Amarth- Fate Of Norns

17. In The Woods...- Heart Of Ages

18. Graveland- Time For Revenge

19. Drudkh- Eternal Turn Of The Wheel

20. Skeletonwitch- Within My Blood

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