Metal Mayhem Episode #5 -11/5/11

1. Naglfar- Wrath Of The Fallen

2. Entombed- Revel In Flesh

3. Impaled Nazarene- Hate

4. Obituary- Final Thoughts

5. Cradle of Filth- From The Cradle To Enslave

6. Sodom- Burst Command Til' War

7. Demonic- Spell Of The Witchdemon

8. Kataklysm- Crippled And Broken

9. Urgehal- Approaching Doom

10. Morbid Angel- Pain Divine

11. Necrophagist- Only Ash Remains

12. Wolves In The Throne Room- Wanderer Above The Sea Of Fog

13. Arckanum- Di Vises Saghn

14. Black Funeral- The Moonlight Glittered Upon The Snow

15. Deicide- Dead But Dreaming

16. Summoning- Nightshade Forests

17. Troll- Drep De Kristne

18. Tsjuder- Possessed

19. Nyktalgia- Nyktalgia

20. Windir- Kong Hydnes Haug

21. Mayhem- Deathcrush

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