Metal Mayhem Episode #42 -4/6/13

1. Hibria- Steel Lord On Wheels

2. Devilish Impressions- Icaros

3. Intestinal Disgorge- No One Will Ever Know

4. Firewind- Dreamchaser

5. Annihilator- Never, Neverland

6. Dismember- Of Fire

7. Kataklysm- The Orb Of Uncreation

8. Sepultura- To The Wall

9. Monstrosity- Mirrors Of Reason

10. Kiuas- Warrior Soul

11. Black Shadow- Падение Нефилимов

12. Timeless Miracle- The Red Rose

13. Borgne- Suffering To Buy Our Poison

14. Kreator- Tormentor

15. Kreator- Murder Fantasies

16. Dark Angel- Darkness Descends

17. Neuraxis- Versus

18. Akercocke- Seraphs And Silence

19. Voivod- Clouds In My House

20. God Dethroned- Under The Sign Of The Iron Cross

21. Queensryche- The Whisper

22. Tiamat- Whatever That Hurts

23. Deep Purple- Burn

24. Internal Bleeding- Prophet Of The Blasphemies

25. Cryptik Howling- The Dark Figure

26. Vile- Stench Of The Deceased

27. Mob Rules- Black Rain

28. Exhumed- I Rot Within

29. Mystic Circle- Servants Of Twilight

30. Paradise Lost- Forever Failure

31. Pestilence- The Level Of Perception

32. Incantation- Ascend Into The Eternal

33. Intestine Baalism- The Avenger, Full Of Vengeance

34. Solitude Aeternus- Shattered My Spirit

35. Vader- Reborn In Flames

36. Running Wild- Raw Ride

37. Dying Fetus- Born In Sodom

38. Scorpions- Holiday

1. Moonsorrow- Voimasta Ja Kunniasta