Metal Mayhem Episode #41 -3/16/13

1. Divine Heresy- Rise Of The Scorned

2. Gorgasm- Corpsefiend

3. Cellador- A Sign Far Beyond

4. Eyes Of Noctum- Phantasma Nocturna

5. Iron Maiden- Genghis Khan

6. Iron Maiden- Transylvania

7. Iron Maiden- The Loneliness Of The Long Distance Runner

8. Beheaded- Elapsed In The Vortex Of Extinction

9. Sodom- Hellfire

10. Sinister- Diabolical Summoning

11. Immolation- No Jesus, No Beast

12. Black Sabbath- The Wizard

13. Black Sabbath- A National Acrobat

14. Black Sabbath- Swingin' The Chain

15. Assuck- Salt Mine

16. Nuclear Assault- Cold Steel

17. Armored Saint- Glory Hunter

18. Neurosis- At The Well

19. Gorgoroth- God Seed (Twilight Of The Idols)

20. Amorphis- Black Winter Day

21. Death- Symbolic

22. Mastodon- Magalodon

23. Electric Wizard- Wizard In Black

24. Brodequin- Flow Of Maggots

25. Lyfthasyr- Venture And Value

26. Nostradameus- Hymn To These Lands

27. Destruction- Tears Of Blood

28. Metallica- Until It Sleeps

29. Spawn Of Possession- Lash By Lash

30. Decapitated- Symmetry Of Zero

31. Marduk- Through The Belly Of Damnation

32. Anthrax- Indians

33. Enslavement Of Beauty- Dreams

34. Enslavement Of Beauty- Prudence Kept Her Purity

35. Anal Blast- Bloody Mary

36. The Gathering- A Noise Severe

37. Severe Torture- Blood

38. Dream Theater- Pull Me Under

39. Gamma Ray- Beyond The Black Hole

40. Entombed- I For An Eye

41. Morbid Angel- Nothing Is Not

42. Control Denied- When The Link Becomes Missing

43. Grief Of Emerald- God Of Carnage

44. Pagan's Mind- Twilight Arise

45. Pagan's Mind- Entrance: Stargate

46. Exciter- Die In The Night

47. Razor- Cross Me Fool

48. Orphanage- Beyond The Fall

49. Deeds Of Flesh- Harvest Temples

50. Wiz- Empty Words

51. My Dying Bride- The Sexuality Of Bereavement