Metal Mayhem Episode #4: "Halloween Edition" -10/29/11

1. Venom- Bloodlust

2. Archgoat- The Light-Devouring Darkness

3. Craft- World Of Plague

4. Mercyful Fate- Curse Of The Pharaohs

5. Nifelheim- Servants Of Darkness

6. Ondskapt- III

7. Candlemass- Emperor Of The Void

8. Celestial Bloodshed- Cursed, Scarred, and Forever Possessed

9. Diabolical Masquerade- Under The Banner Of The Sentinel

10. Cattle Decapitation- We Are Horrible People

11. Behexen- Cathedral Of The Ultimate Void

12. Enslaved- Havenless

13. Setherial- Celestial Remains Of The Cosmic Creation

14. Cryptopsy- Phobophile

15. Vintersorg- Till Fjalls

16. Carcass- Heartwork

17. Borknagar- Gods Of My New World

18. Inquisition- Summoning The Black Dimensions In The Farallones

19. Beherit- Witchcraft

20. Sargeist- As Darkness Tears The World Apart

21. Aosoth- Winds Of The Abyss

22. Ozzy Osbourne- Mr. Crowley

23. Iron Maiden- Hallowed Be Thy Name