Metal Mayhem Episode #39 -2/23/13

1. Overkill- Ironbound

2. Falconer- Wings Of Serenity

3. Woods Of Desolation- An Unbroken Moment

4. Mysteriarch- Mournful Embrace Of Aeons

5. Malevolent Creation- Burnt Beyond Recognition

6. Evergrey- Watching The Skies

7. Deadlock- Bloodpact

8. Intronaut- The Literal Black Cloud

9. Between The Buried And Me- Lunar Wilderness

10. Ted Nugent- Terminus El Dorado (By request)

11. Scorpions- Inheritance

12. Dark Moor- The Devil In The Tower

13. Bonded By Blood- Self Immolation

14. Wolverine- Into The Great Nothing

15. Machine Head- Descend The Shades Of Night

16. Yob- Adrift In The Ocean

17. Metallica- I Disappear

18. Metallica- Nothing Else Matters (Elevator Version)

19. Tombs- Cold Dark Eyes

20. Tartaros- The Grand Psychotic Castle

21. Equilibrium- Wingthors Hallen

22. Necromantia- Scarlet Witching Dreams

23. Gojira- Flying Whales

24. Daylight Dies- Dreaming Of Breathing

25. Blut Aus Nord- Our Blessed Frozen Cells

26. Slayer- Angel Of Death

27. W.A.S.P.- The Torture Never Stops

28. Spellblast- Knights Of Darkness

29. Shadows Fall- Blind Faith

30. Evile- Schizophrenia

31. Pain Of Salvation- Idioglossia

32. Cytotoxin- Frontier Of Deception

33. Gorguts- Dormant Misery

34. Exodus- Parasite

35. Symphony X- The Haunting

36. Krisiun- Works Of Carnage

37. Gorod- Here Die Your Gods

38. The Gathering- Saturine

39. The Gathering- In Motion #2

40. Novembre- Aquamarine

41. Crimson Glory- Painted Skies

42. Crimson Glory- Lonely