Metal Mayhem Episode #38: "Black Valentine's Day/'We're Never Doing This Again' Show" -2/16/13

1. Anthelion- Bloodshed In The Dark Of Burning Hell

2. Cor Scorpii- Our Fate Our Curse

3. Vreid- Left To Hate

4. Wolves In The Throne Room- Vastness and Sorrow

5. Mayhem- Freezing Moon

6. Drudkh- Summoning The Rain

7. Agalloch- Dead Winter Days

8. Emperor- The Acclamation Of Bonds

9. Abazagorath- The Gates To The Spirit Kingdom

10. Dark End- The Two Good Sisters

11. Abused Majesty- The Fall Of The Black Fortress

12. Abyssos- Lord Of The Sombre Reborn

13. Siebenburgen- Opacitas (Queen Of The Dark)

14. Leviathan- Those Slimy Things

15. Ulver- Bergtatt-Ind I Fjeldkamrene

16. Azaghal- Rutonkantaja

17. Lifelover- M/S Salmonella

18. Nocturnal Feelings- A Dark Farewell

19. Daemonicium- The Sinner's Dream

20. Sirius- Into Forbidden Dimensions

21. Xasthur Prison Of Mirrors

22. Demoncy- The Final Battle For Our Once Glorious Midgard

23. Dark Funeral- Shadows Over Transylvania

24. Darkthrone- The Claws Of Time

25. Burzum- A Lost Forgotten Sad Spirit

26. Absu- Never Blow Out The Eastern Candle

27. Taake- Nattestid Ser Porten Vid I (Re-recording)

28. Illnath- By The Hands Of Violent Winter

29. Alghazanth- Rain Of Stars

30. Goatmoon- Humanhate Grows Strong Within

31. Watain- Devil's Blood

32. Astriaal- Revere The Labyrinth

33. Chronaexus- Against The Grain Of Normality

34. Aldaaron- La Legende des Fils

35. Sothis- Lunar Descent

36. Wolfschrei- Of Hate And Man

37. Drakhian- Fierce As The Wind

38. Satyricon- Forhekset

39. Horna- Merkuriana

40. Nargaroth- Des Alten Kriegers Seelenruh

41. Nephrolith- Nocturnal Perception

42. Grimburg- Des Waldes Mysterium

43. Blodsrit- Horns

44. Arcanorum Astrum- Prozenie

45. Grabnebelfursten- Flucheburt

46. Gotherfall- Where Angels Lie

47. Satanic Warmaster- Warmaster Returns

48. Satanic Warmaster- Black Destiny