Metal Mayhem Episode #37 -2/9/13

1. Dimmu Borgir- Sympozium

2. Heaven's Gate- Tyrants

3. Black Sabbath- Falling Off The Edge Of The World

4. Eluveitie- Your Gaulish War

5. Newsted- Soldierhead (NEW)

6. Anathema- Kingdom

7. Unleashed- Onward Into Countless Battles

8. Sepultura- Slave New World

9. Guns N' Roses- Think About You

10. King Diamond- The Family Ghost

11. Mercyful Fate- Come To The Sabbath

12. Cannibal Corpse- Force Fed Broken Glass

13. Stratovarius- Night Time Eclipse

14. Brutal Truth- Daydreamer

15. Theatre Of Tragedy- Cheerful Dirge

16. Aerosmith- Bone To Bone

17. Into Eternity- Buried In Oblivion

18. Into Eternity- Severe Emotional Distress

19. Blind Guardian- The Bard's Song (Remastered Orchestral Arrangement)

20. Blind Guardian- Imaginations From The Other Side

21. Bishop Of Hexen- A Serpentine Curse

22. Bloodbath- Brave New Hell

23. Vanden Plas- A Kiss Of Death

24. Metallica- Fight Fire With Fire

25. My Dying Bride- A Map Of All Our Failures

26. Faith No More- Smaller and Smaller

27. Tool- 4 Degrees

28. Diamond Head- Am I Evil?

29. Testament- Hypnosis

30. Testament- Disciples Of The Watch

31. Quiet Riot- Let's Get Crazy

32. Rotting Christ- In Yumen-Xibalba (NEW)

33. Opeth- Forest Of October

34. Opeth- Heir Apparent

35. Paradise Lost- Tragic Idol

36. Flippin' Idiots- Dead Air (Not Even Social Media)

37. AC/DC- Kicked In The Teeth

38. AC/DC- Touch Too Much

39. Decrepit Birth- Condemned To Nothingness

40. Circus Maximus- Sin

41. Pallbearer- The Legend

42. Covenant- Dragonheart

43. Celtic Frost- Circle Of The Tyrants

44. Mastodon- This Mortal Soil

45. Vader- The Black Eye

46. Children Of Bodom- Mask Of Sanity

47. Autopsy- Charred Remains

48. Frosttide- Face Your Demons

49. Proclamation- Altars Of Mayhem

50. Blasphemy- Weltering In Blood

51. Voivod- Empathy For The Enemy

52. Deliverance- Attack

53. Dark Tranquillity- Nightfall By The Shore Of Time

54. Neuraxis- Truth Beyond Recognition

55. Unmerciful- Masochistic Rampage

56. Blood Red Throne- The Children Shall Endure

57. Grand Magus-Silver Moon

58. Sarcofago- The Black Vomit

59. Vomitory- Nailed, Quartered, Consumed

60. Witchery- On A Black Horse Through Hell

61. Baptism- Challice Of Death

62. Motorhead- Built For Speed

63. Motorhead- Just Cos' You Got The Power (That Don't Mean You Got The Right)