Metal Mayhem Episode #36: "Legendary Albums Part VIII" -2/2/13

1. Enforcer- Walk With Me

2. Dream Theater- The Count Of Tuscany

3. Forgotten Tomb- Alone

4. Iced Earth- I Die For You

5. Iced Earth- Melancholy (Holy Martyr)

 6. Sacramentum- ...As Obsidian

7. Scorpions- Only A Man

8. Obscura- Desolate Spheres

9. Obscura- The Flesh and the Power It Holds (Death Cover

10. Edguy- Babylon

11. Whitesnake- Sailing Ships

12. KISS- Nowhere To Run

13. Rush- Different Strings

14. Rush- Natural Science

15. As I Lay Dying- Through Struggle

16. As I Lay Dying- Bury Us All

17. As I Lay Dying- No Wings To Breathe

18. Deep Purple- No One Came

19. Overkill- Years Of Decay

20. Metallica- Metal Militia

1. Iron Maiden- Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son

2. Judas Priest- Screaming For Vengeance

3. Hammerfall- Glory To The Brave

4. Megadeth- Rust In Peace