Metal Mayhem Episode #35 -1/26/13

1. Dream Evil- Chasing The Dragon

2. Beastmilk- Red Majesty

3. Excalion- For A Moment In The Spotlight

4. Cauldron- Summoned To Succumb

5. Metallica- To Live Is To Die

6. Metallica- Master Of Puppets

7. Def Leppard- Another Hit And Run

8. Def Leppard- God Of War

9. Mors Principium Est- Eternity’s Child

10. The Black Dahlia Murder- Conspiring With The Damned

11. Arkha Sva- Down In Blaze And Pain

12. Amon Amarth- The Beheading Of A King

13. Skeletonwitch- Of Ash And Torment

14. Black Majesty- Guardian

15. Suicidal Tendencies- Alone

16. Immortal- At The Heart Of Winter

17. Sleep- Evil Gypsy/Solomon’s Theme

18. Iron Maiden- Rime Of The Ancient Mariner

19. Shadowkeep- Chaosgenesis

20. Helloween- Departed

21. Belphegor- The Ancient Enemy

22. Wolfnacht- Morgendammerung der Heiden

23. Watchtower- Life Cycles

24. Green Carnation- Light Of Day, Day Of Darkness (Edited- first 18 minutes)

25. Cryptopsy- Depths You’ve Fallen

26. Cryptopsy- …And Then It Passes

27. Demons & Wizards- Fiddler On The Green

28. Cerebral Bore- Flesh Reflects The Madness

29. 1349- Sculptor Of Flesh

30. Pentagram- When The Screams Come

31. Anthrax- Anthrax

32. Annthennath- Emotional Balance

33. Stormgarde- The Nightstorm

34. Dissection- The Grief Prophecy/Shadows Over A Lost Kingdom

35. Agalloch- Not Unlike The Waves

36. Defleshed- Speeding The Ways

37. Down- Nothing In Return

38. Behemoth- He Who Breeds Pestilence

39. Behemoth- Wolves Guard My Coffin

40. Slayer- Captor Of Sin

41. Possessed- Evil Warriors

42. Exodus- Beyond The Pale

43. Living Sacrifice- The Reckoning

44. Beheaded- Ominous Bloodline

45. Katatonia- Burn The Rememberance

46. Black Witchery- Ascension Of The Obscure Moon

47. Origin- Conceiving Death

48. Venom- All There Is Fear

49. Sadus- Fight Or Die

50. Diabolical Masquerade- Rider On The Bonez

51. Dio- As Long As It’s Not About Love

52. Ensiferum- Raised By The Sword

53. Ensiferum- Deathbringer From The Sky