Metal Mayhem Episode #34: "The Top 20 Best Metal Albums of 2012" -1/19/13

Honorable Mentions:


1. Kreator- Phantom Antichrist- Civilization Collapse

2. God Seed- I Begin- From The Running Of Blood

3. Grave- Endless Procession Of Souls- Passion Of The Weak

4. Dark Tranquillity- Zero Distance EP- Out Of Gravity

5. As I Lay Dying- Awakened- Whispering Silence

6. Hour Of Penance- Sedition- Enlightened Submission

7. Blut Aus Nord- 777: Cosmosophy- Epitome XIV

8. Cradle of Filth- The Manticore and Other Horrors- Frost On Her Pillow

9. Putrid Pile- Blood Fetish- Pottymouth

10. Nachtmystium- Silencing Machine- Borrowed Hope and Broken Dreams

11. Napalm Death- Utilitarian- Quarantined

12. Spawn Of Possession- Incurso- Where Angels Go, Demons Follow

13. Swallow The Sun- Emerald Forest And The Blackbird- Emerald Forest And The Blackbird

14. Converge- All We Love, We Leave Behind- All We Love, We Leave Behiind


The Top 20 Best Metal Albums of 2012:


15. Forgotten Tomb- ...And Don't Deliver Us From Evil- Deprived

16. Sear Bliss- Eternal Recurrence- There Is No Shadow Without Light

17. Shining- Redefining Darkness- The Ghastly Silience

18. Nile- At The Gate Of Sethu- The Inevitable Degredation Of Flesh

19. Nile- At The Gate Of Sethu- Supreme Humanism Of Megalomania

20. Anaal Nathrakh- Vanitas- Forging Toward The Sunset

21. My Dying Bride- A Map Of All Our Failures- The Poorest Waltz

22. Dying Fetus- Reign Supreme- The Blood Of Power

23. Cannibal Corpse- Torture- Rabid

24. Cannibal Corpse- Torture- Torn Through

25. Meshuggah- Koloss- The Demon's Name Is Surveillance

26. Beheaded- Never To Dawn- Dead Silence

27. Drudkh- Eternal Turn Of The Wheel- When Gods Leave Their Emerald Halls

28. A Life Once Lost- Ecstatic Trance- Madness Is God

29. Sigh- In Somniphobia- Lucid Nightmares IV) Amnesia

30. Cryptopsy- Cryptopsy- Cleansing The Hosts

31. Vesperian Sorrow- Stormwinds Of Ages- An Empire To Mourn

32. Woods Of Ypres- Woods V: Grey Skies And Electric Light- Kiss My Ashes (Goodbye)

33. Woods Of Ypres- Woods V: Grey Skies And Electric Light- Finality

34. Carach Angren- Where The Corpses Sink Forever- The Funerary Dirge Of The Violinist

35. Deftones- Koi No Yokan- Rosemary

36. Wintersun- Time I- Time Fades Away

37. Wintersun- Time I- Sons Of Winter And Stars

38. Borknagar- Urd- Frostrite

39. Borknagar- Urd- In A Deeper World

40. Borknagar- Urd- The Winter Eclipse


New Albums Coming Out In 2013:


41. Helloween- Straight Out Of Hell- Nabataea (Jan. 18th)

42. Devourment- Conceived In Sewage- Fifty Ton War Machine (Feb. 19th)

43. Soilwork- The Living Infinite- Spectrum Of Eternity (Feb. 27th)

44. Suffocation- Pinnacle Of Bedlam- Cycles Of Suffering (Feb. 15th)

45. Defeated Sanity- Passages Into Deformity- Verblendung (Feb. 5th)

46. Darkthrone- The Underground Resistance- Leave No Cross Unturned (Feb. 25th)