Metal Mayhem Episode #33: "Legendary Albums Part VII/The Fustercluck Show Part II" -11/17/12

1. Fates Warning- The Ivory Gate Of Dreams

2. Borknagar- In A Deeper World

3. Rotten Sound- Western Cancer

4. Rotten Sound- Missing Link

5. Mayhem- Anti

6. Queensryche- The Right Side Of My Mind

7. Deftones- Leather (NEW)

8. Deftones- Passenger

9. Virgin Steele- The Kingdom Of The Fearless

10. Metallica- Mama Said

11. Chimaira- Salvation

12. Voivod- God Phones

13. Dream Theater- A Change Of Seasons

14. Steel Prophet- Messiah

15. Reverend Bizzare- Doom Over The World

16. The Gathering- Saturnine

17. Night In Gales- Heralds Of Starfall

18. Terrorizer- Ignorance And Apathy

19. Evergrey- The Phantom Letter

20. Evergrey- ...And The Distance

21. Angra- Metal Icarus

22. Mercenary- Lost Reality

23. High On Fire- Fertile Green (NEW)

24. Antimatter- Over Your Shoulder

25. The Acacia Strain- See You Next Tuesday

26. Wolves In The Throne Room- Astral Blood

27. Shining- Eradication Of The Condition

28. From Autumn To Ashes- Pioneers

29. Megadeth- Disconnect

30. Machine Head- Blood For Blood

31. Daylight Dies- I Wait

32. Internal Suffering- Dagons Rising

33. Dark Tranquillity- Format C: For Cortex

1. Kamelot- Karma

2. Helloween- Keeper Of The Seven Keys Pt. II